Renewable Sources of Energy EEE Summer Project Training Report

There are many renewable sources of energy such as solar cells, fuel cells, thermo-electric generator, tidal power, wind power, geo-thermal, bio-gas. This Project is about “Renewable Sources of Energy EEE Summer Project Training Report”. Fuel cell uses hydrogen as a fuel to supply the world with clean and sustainable electrical power.

A fuel cell is an electrical cell to convert hydrogen or hydrogen-containing fuels into electrical energy and heat by the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen into water. The process of electrolysis in reverse reaction is 2 H2 (gas) + O2(gas) 2 H2O + energy.

Fuel cells have various advantages on heat engines because hydrogen and oxygen gases are converted electrochemically into water and include high efficiency, virtually, and silent operation.

Fuel cells have the advantage in space applications over conventional batteries to produce much energy several times as per equivalent unit of weight. In the 1970s, International Fuel Cells developed a more powerful alkaline fuel cell for NASA’s Space Shuttle Orbiter and three fuel cell power plants are used to supply electrical needs during flight.

The alkaline offers a high power to weight ratio when compared to other types of fuel cells. Hence alkaline fuel cell is ideal for space applications. The NECAR 5 is the latest prototype fuel cell automobile by DaimlerChrysler and is fuelled with liquid methanol that is converted into hydrogen and carbon dioxide with the use of an onboard fuel processor.

Benefits of fuel cell are efficient, clean, quiet, modular, and environmentally safe. Fuel cell provides the world with sustainable electrical power.


The demand for electrical power is increasing day by day so there is also an urgent need to find meeting both responsibly and safely. The factors of renewable energy are storage and transport of energy in the past. Use of fuel cells and hydrogen technology, electrical power from renewable energy sources is delivered required anytime and anywhere, cleanly, efficiently, and sustainably.

Download Renewable Sources of Energy EEE Electronics and Electrical Summer Project Training Report with full detailed documentation.

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