Practical Training Report on Online Recruitment System

Introduction to Online Recruitment System :

ORS is a part of human resource management system of RSMML Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals Limited. It is government undertaken institution. It markets and produces non-metallic minerals. The minerals produced by RSMML are Rock Phosphate, Lignite, SMS grade Limestone and Gypsum. RSMML is not only the leader in Mining &selling of Rock Phosphate, Gypsum across the country. This system provided the facility to recruit the new members who wants to join. It also contains documents as per candidate requirement. The project is developed with HTML & SERVLETS and JSDK.

Existing System:

  • The existing system does not provide any online recruitment facility. 
  • There is no flexibility to the database. 
  • There is no GUI interaction for more convenience. 
  • Most of the work is done manually. 
  • More man power is required, so it is costly. 
  • The redundancy and inconsistency of data is major drawback. 

The tasks performed during the feasibility study: 

  • The user demonstrable needs are fulfilled. 
  • The availability of resources was being checked. 
  • The estimation required for the resources were achieved. 
  • By placing the model in system we can heck impact on it. 

Objects to be fulfilled: 

Developing the software in time. The application that is created should be efficient. 

User Requirements:

  The application should consist user-friendly environment.

  It should full fill all facilities.

  The application built should be software independent.

Requirement Determination Techniques & System Analysis Method:                

 User communication 

  Team discussion 

  Analysis of existing system 

  Studying of old projects and records.

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