Study and Construction of Temperature Controlling Elements and Circuit

The training Study and Construction of Temperature Controlling Elements and Circuit report has two modules. First module is about the study and experiments on both Phase Change Materials (PCM) and Solar Radiation Chamber. These are used to lower the operating temperature of electronic devices and/or circuits and experiments are conducted on PCM.

Second module deals with the Construction of a Temperature Controller and circuit control temperature controls a fan which is fitted such that when temperature of room increases it automatically turns on the fan and thus temperature is regulated.

The thermal management process is separated into three major phases. They are Heat transfer within a semiconductor or module (such as a DC/DC converter) package, Heat transfer from the package to a heat dissipater, and Heat transfer from the heat dissipater to the ambient environment.

PCM absorbs the heat which is generated to a large extent and helps to work properly. It absorbs heat and liquefies it and under cool conditions it becomes solid state. Hence PCM keeps conditions favorable for working electronic devices. These technologies test at high ambient temperatures.

The systems are Air Circulation System, Heating System, Control System, and Cooling Systems. PCM material is a substance that absorbs high energy before melting or solidifying. A PCM temperature is constant during the phase change that is useful to keep the subject at a uniform temperature. PCM is classified as latent heat storage (LHS) units.

PCM is broadly categorized into composition and application. On the basis of composition, further classifications are Eutectics, Salt hydrates, and Organic materials.


A good leaner should have theoretical and practical knowledge so that aspirant undergoes a practical training session. By this the knowledge about learning, enhancing my skills, getting familiar with the aspects of industry will change the approach to have scientific research with development and different physical laws. The circuit is used in all places commencing from domestic to the industrial sectors.

Download Study and Construction of Temperature Controlling Elements and Circuit Electrical Project Report Documentation.

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