Solar Inverter using Super Capacitor

The project aims at developing a solar inverter, which helps farmers to control devices like irrigation water pump, fencing etc. Solar energy is used to power up the battery. The system has a provision for ON/OFF the solar battery charging according to farmers wish.

The project makes use of a solar plate. The solar energy obtained is stored to a battery. This AC is fed to loads like water pump, devices. The system also uses super capacitor to increase the battery life.

Future Scope: This project can be extended in a way such that the output from the solar plate is increased. This can be done by increasing the dimensions of the solar plate.

Conclusion: The project concludes a design of “Solar based inverter” such that the inverter was designed and from solar plate generates solar energy and utilizing this energy for load.

The objectives of the project:

1. Storing solar energy.
2. Design of inverter.
3. ON/ OFF control for loads.

The project focuses on the following areas:

1. Pulse generation techniques.
2. Solar cell working principle.
3. MOSFET working principle.

The major building blocks of this project are:

1. Solar panel.
2. Pulse generator.
4. Step up transformer.
5. ON/ OFF switch.
6. Super capacitor
7. Rechargeable battery

Block Diagram:

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