Solar Thermal Power System Electrical Final Year Project Report

Introduction to Solar Thermal Power System Project:

Due to growing electricity demands the power generated from the thermal power stations could not reach the needs as they run short of coal. There is a need to look into renewable sources for power generation. In this paper we see solar thermal power system which uses sunlight and gets converted into heat energy for running steam turbines to generate electricity.

At present the use of this systems is very less as it is facing certain drawbacks and the cost for installation of the equipment high. We will discuss about the measurement steps to be taken for improving the thermal efficiency of the solar system.

Brief on the working of Solar thermal power system:

In solar thermal power systems the operating temperatures are below 360C which is of less efficient for maintaining a constant steam for power generation. In order to increase the efficiency the stem generated from solar thermal power systems is added to the conventional thermal power systems, by which only a limited fuel energy can be used for generating the steam.

The heat generated in the solar thermal power systems can meet 70 percent of the heat absorption requirements and the remaining can be generated by using fossil fuels. The proposed design is called as a trough solar power system and by using this system we can generate temperature of 560C which is used to drive a turbine.

Advantages of using a combined system:

By using this combined system we can overcome mid temperature problem face in solar thermal power plants. By using this combined system for power generation we can reduce the usage fossil fuels which reduces the pollution and also cut downs the generation costs of power. By using this method we can improve the efficiency and cost of maintenance also decreases.

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