Solar Tracking System and Hybrid Power Generation Electrical Project Report

Introduction to Solar Tracking System and Hybrid Power Generation Project:

The main objective of this paper is to give idea of solar tracking system and hybrid power generation. Today, electrical energy has become the most important factor. At present, we are in a position that without the electrical energy no work can be done.These electrical energy is being extracted from natural resources like water and coal etc. These resources are limited. For example, consider water if there is no appropriate rainfall, there is scarcity of water .

In such a condition, we cannot generate electricity. Hence to avoid these problems, solar energy is used to fulfill our needs. Solar energy is one of the natural resource which is abundant can’t be extinct. By using some techniques, solar energy is converted into electrical energy. The tracking system consists of panel, battery, regulator, voltage divider, motor, ULN driver , LCD and micro controller. In hybrid power generation, wind mill, control unit, solar panel, battery, Power supply , inverter, load and control unit are present.

Brief into Solar Tracking system and Hybrid Power generation:

The panel used consist of photo voltaic cells, these cells converts sun light into electrical energy. First light is converted into heat and later it is converted into electrical energy. A stepper motor is used such that the motor can be rotated to the point where  maximum intensity of sunlight is available. The Pic microcontroller 16F877 consumes less power.

It has 4K bytes of Flash Programmable and Erasable Read Only Memory. Voltage regulators are used to generate fixed DC output voltage even from variable DC. Coming to hybrid power generation, the wind mills rotates according to wind blown. From its rotations, wind energy is converted into mechanical energy. With the combination of these two we can produce more energy. 

Download  Solar Tracking System and Hybrid Power Generation Electrical Project Report.

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