Super Intelligent Robot


      The project “Super intelligent Robot” is to design a robotic system that is coupled with super intelligence and thereby can avoid obstacles in its way. It also can sense fire and detect bombs hence preventing unfortunate incidents. Thus in other words it is a security system which helps in detection of any kind of obstacles and generates an alert.  Super-Intelligent-Robot              

                The software that is used to design the system is embedded C. the tools required are small device cross compiler and Keil uvision3. The target device for all kinds of control operations is an 8051 microcontroller and is implemented for robotic applications. The advantages of this system are that it is a low cost automated operation with low consumption of power. 

Super Intelligent Robotics Project Description:

              The project super intelligent Robot is made automated in nature as it is the system which can face new challenges. These automated systems have minimal manual operations, are flexible in nature and reliable with accurate results. Thus the present system is designed using the present scenario challenges.

      In the present system, the robot is controlled by means of a wire. The robot is filled with motors. A microcontroller is used for controlling all the operations. As per the motor’s instruction, the robot will move around in separate directions. If the robot comes across any obstacle then it will change its direction and stop. A fire sensor is also installed in the system. It can sense smoke and activate the buzzer thereby causing an alert.  


     This project has been successfully designed and tested. The robot has been fabricated by integrating features of all the hardware components. All the modules of the project are carefully selected and placed in order for proper working. Moreover, highly advanced ICs are used with the growing technology in this project.

download Project Report of CSE Super intelligent Robot.

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