Super Market Management System .Net Project


It is a windows application. By using this application, the admin can generate various details about the regular customer’s, product records, etc. In this application, The Supermarket agent will enter the details of the customer and then the agent will provide an ID to the customer and he will maintain the details of the customers, product quality, price, etc in the database.

In this Super Market Management application, we are providing a scheme that, when the customer purchase rate reaches a certain level the application automatically adds some points to the customer’s ID. Once the user points reach a certain level a message will be displayed, saying that he has won a gift.

This Super Market Management System project will lead to an expansion of the Supermarket with open publicity to gain high margins in the market. In the feature, we can develop this project into a web application.


• Operating System Server: Windows
• Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server
• Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net
• User Interface: Asp.Net with Ajax
• Code Behind: VC#.Net


• Processor: Intel Pentium or More
•REQUIREMENTSRam and above
• Hard Disk: PC with 20GB and above

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