Personal Book Android Project

Our project name is   “personal book”   it is an application in which we can write and save information and   the saved information   can be edited and modifies it,Any type of   writing information can be saved in the personal book.

The main use of personal book is instead of using and carrying a notebook the information can be written in this android application, personal book is the application where we can also edit the previous saved texts by this way the modification is done in the personal book, after saving the information in the application we can edit it by clicking the saved file and we get the options and click the edit option and this way we can modify it

It is a secured application where we can give security to the personal book by giving the login option in this we have the user id and password and then clicking the login we will Enter into page


The scope of the   ”personal book” is it supports all writing information of the file type.The future scope is we can also edit and modify the previous file by using this application. And we can write any writing format of file in a single . This product will be used by individuals who need to manage, store information into a device. The objective of Personal Book Android Project is to design a simple, intuitive interface with limited screen estate for managing information content.

Existing system with limitations:

In the existing system if we save any information it will have some limitations and we cannot save all the information and text will have some limit as a message and that can be saved as a draft.

Proposed system with features:

The main feature of the proposed system is the personal book we are developing does not require separate drafts and we can edit the previous saved information .we develop a system in such a way in which the information is saved

Generally in android market you will get only message drafts and it cannot exist the limit to the text.

Here in our project we are combining all these features together combinly so we proposed this as “personal book”.

As it is an easy process to store the information and it will be secure by giving the security. General in android market we will get sticky notes and message drafts it is different to each other.

Finally we are proposing a new Personal Book Android Project to reduce the memory usage according to the user flexibility named “personal book”.

It is a Personal Book Android Project which can save the information, also used to edit the previous file combination of the options combining all these features together combine as a personal book.

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