Solar Energy through Solar Space Stations

This Solar Energy through Solar Space Stations Mechanical Seminar presents a mutual collaboration based SOLAR POWER model to overcome launch cost, which involves three GEO satellites and two earth stations, i.e through Solar Space Stations..

The current primary energy source –fossil fuel threatens global environment by emitting CO2, which is responsible for green house effect global warming, environmental degradation, declining nutrition on land and sea from rising CO2, and rapid decrease of fossil reservoir.

Solar Power from Space (SSP) promises clean and everlasting energy supply for the growth of the mankind.

To overcome these limitations concept of Solar Power from Space is getting momentum, Solar Power from Space is a proposed concept to place a gigantic solar power station in space orbiting around the earth that uses microwave power transmission to beam solar power to a very large antenna on earth where it can be used in place of conventional power sources.


This project has examined the aspects of space-based power for the earth, the significance, the need and possible solutions and finds that space-based power can provide the necessary new source of clean energy for earth in the next century to loosen our dependence on fossil fuels.

Download Solar Energy through Solar Space Stations Mechanical Engineering B Tech/ BE Final Project Paper Presentation and Seminar PPT.

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