Solar Lighting System ECE Project Abstract

Introduction to Solar Lighting System Electronics Project:

Our non-renewable sources are in danger of extinction we had very little time hence the one and only alternate source is natural renewable energy resources, these are the resources given to us by nature, nature can replenish these resources in very quick time prevents from there extinction.  These renewable resources are of various kinds like are solar, geothermal, wind, water and biomass these are main source for human survival in coming future.

The main objective of our project is to provide alternate lightning system by using solar energy, for that we designed and developed a low cost solar power lightning system. Our project includes various components namely solar lighting system, solar panel, integrated circuit, light source, photovoltaic, battery, relay, solar panel.

In our project we harvest electrical power required for lightning applications by means of solar panels, we implement pulse width modulation technique in order to drive the solar LED system, this pulse width modulation resists the power loss by using current limiting resistor implementing time multiplexing method. The entire system consists of the following equipment in circuit construction they are 12-16Vsolar panel, 35mf capacitor, a relay operated at 10V, IC 7808 integrated circuit, a lamp with range of 6V, 1A, 3 watts, light emitting diodes, resistors of different values, operating switches.

The total circuit is verified under prescribed conditions, These experimental results revealed that our circuit is working at supreme condition, there are no short circuits, battery was delivering required power constantly, when relay is under working conditions the capacitor is charging in day light and delivering power at required time, the solar panel is up to the task by energizing the battery continuously. Our project not only gives information regarding the modern utilization solar energy by using latest technology but it reforms how to conserve these renewable energy for future global development.

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