Project Report On Remote-Controlled-Screw-Jack

This Project Report On Remote-Controlled-Screw-Jack aim for the following: Arrange & modify the conventional cylindrical lifting jack by putting extra ring in the center to grip the v belt assembly. Control the jack by remote. To arrange & modify the 12V big D.C. Motor by adding ‘v belt’ pulley at the output shaft. To construct an angle iron based structure to hold the entire assembly.

An electrically operated screw-type jack comprising a support base, a housing, a jack body, a lifting ram which is contained in the jack body, a servo motor which is contained in the housing, reduction gears for transmitting the driving power of the motor to lifting ram, a safety device prevent the motor and the power transmitting mechanism from an abrupt failure due to overloading, and a square head pin for conventional hand operation of the jack when the jack is overloaded. The safety device consists of a clutch disk, a clutch spring and a sleeve. The reduction gears consist of first sun and planet gears, second sun and planet gears and a sun gear cylinder. The remote is used for control the jack from distance. in case of heavy object the jack can be operated remotely. No need to control manually.

Remote-Controlled-Screw-Jack was first used in military fire-control and marine navigation equipment. Today servomechanisms are used in automatic machine tools, satellite-tracking antennas, and remote control airplanes, automatic navigation systems on boats and planes, and antiaircraft-gun control systems. Other examples are fly-by-wire systems in aircraft which use servos to actuate the aircraft’s control surfaces, and radio-controlled models which use RC servos for the same purpose. Many autofocus cameras also use a servomechanism to accurately move the lens, and thus adjust the focus.

Project Report On Remote-Controlled-Screw-Jack Conclusion:

The jack can be operated remotely. Can used by physically handicap persons to lift car or other things. Can used in workshop or by personal use. No need of human effort. Jack can control both remotely as well as manually. Heavy things can lift easily. These are designed especially for heavy duty shop applications and are used widely in the automotive industry.

Download Project Report On Remote-Controlled-Screw-Jack.

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