Remote Controlled Fan Regulator Project Report

In this paper the remote controlled fan regulator project gives a better solution in order to access the electrical appliances in very quick time. Recently micro controller based automation strategies creating tremendous changes in this particular field.

Remote Controlled Fan Regulator

In present day industrial automation wireless technologies are playing a vital role in appliance control. Up to now they were several technologies were evolved in order to reduce the human efforts and controlling time.

The remote controlled fan regulator circuit diagram is shown below which consists of following major components.

About the circuit:

The circuit mainly consists of two sections one the transmitter section and the receiver section, the remote controller sends the infra red radiation beam at the transmitter section and the infra red sensor at the receiver end receives the regulated signal and then regulates the speed of the rotating fan at regular intervals at considerable rate of speed and good accuracy.

Youtube video link to view circuit diagram, block diagram.

Block diagram representation:

The prototype circuit consists of infra red receiver module with an infra red receiver which is capable of receiving signals up to 38 KHz. And an accurate pulse is derived from a mono stable multi vibrator, counter circuit with the power supply circuit, and the triac is driven by the opto isolator which is used to alter the analog and digital signals.

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