Digital Parking System ECE Project Download

This Digital Parking System ECE Project Download aim is to design a three tier parking system. This project shows how to keep a track of how cars are parked. The lowest tier parks cars for short interval of time. The middle tier contains cars that remain for 1-3 hours. The upper tier parks those cars which remain for three hours.

This is a technology that takes the picture of the approaching car present at the main gate. The system assigns a password to the car user who is visiting for the first time. The user enters the password and the system checks the space for the parking in the parking area. 

If space is available then the electronic main gate open and the user will get access to park the car inside. If no space is available then the main gate will not open. In this case, the system checks the car parked which is present for the longest interval and notifies its user to remove the car park parked in the upper tier.

The software tools used in this project are Turbo c++ and JCreator 2.5, Mozilla Firefox browser, Web server, and MY SQL for database management. The modules of this project are User profile module, Device Management Module, Time management module, Geographical module, Security Module, Design Module, and Cost Management Module.

The Design Requirements with Basic input and output are Number of vehicles entering/exiting the parking lot and Number of violators. The features of this project have successful functioning such as technology, feasibility, efficiency, and optimum cost.


The project concludes on to develop a technology of advanced parking system that will implement many innovations. This technology allows maximizing of parking capabilities, intimates drivers, and prevents unauthorized vehicles. The unauthorized vehicles get tracked by a camera that records license plates of the corresponding vehicles and the images will be transferred to a recording device.

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