Wireless Controlled Digital Score Board Project


Implementation of a digital score board with wireless control is the aim of the project. A digital score board can be used for football, basket ball and volley ball courts.

It consists of Five various display’s. First one for the countdown timer which can be set according to the requirement with a pause and start function. Second and third for the display name of the Team A and Team B, Each display comprises of four alphabet display capability with letter varying from A-Z and 1-9.The fourth and Fifth display are for the respective 2 digit scores of Team A and Team B .

The whole functioning of the digital score board can be controlled with a wireless remote handed over to the referee; The time can be preset in 4 digit timer i.e. with two display’s for minutes and two display’s for seconds, the timer can be paused and started any moment using the remote. The score can be updated by the referee. Score display can be incremented and decremented as per requirements.

The Digital Score board will be powered with AC power supply. It can also be added with a battery backup depending on the requirement.

Model of digital Score Board

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