.Net Project On Employee Reimbursement System

.Net Project On Employee Reimbursement system is a web based application which can be used by any organization for giving best services or their employees for reimbursement of money. This application will replace existing manual procedure following by many organizations which takes lot of time and manual work. .Net-Project-On-Employee-Reimbursement-System

Every company will come across this situation where their employees will submit receipts like train ticket, doctor certificate…Etc for reimbursement. In existing system employees will fill the form and submit to higher managing department by for approval which is a time taking process. Using this application employees can submit information through a web application which can be done from any were and the application will be submitted to higher authorities for cross check and status of the application can be updated on web through which employee can interact with officials and the payment can done through online which is an easy and helpful process for company and employees. 

 Employee Reimbursement system project can be used in real time by any organization for reducing manual work and work load. Exchange of information is easy using this method.

 This application contains six modules with different functionalities assigned in each module based on the user designation. 

Employee Reimbursement system  Functionality: 

Admin Module

             This module helps user to login to  the site and submit his application. Admin has permission to check his details to approve or decline the application. 

 Employee Module:

                  In this module employee can login with his desired username and password and submit information for reimbursement. After his bill is cross checked his application status will be updated on this profile. 

Manager Module:

             This module will be handled by manager of an organization who will accept application of requested employee and provide solution for his request. 

Director Module:

         In this module cross checked application from manager will be submitted to director he will recheck the details and submit to account section. 

Reports Module (ACCOUNTANT): 

             This module deals finance matters based on the expenses employee spent on bills and transfer money to employee bank account.

Download Project report  of .Net Project On Employee Reimbursement System.

Multi User Password Authentications Project Using Visual Basic

Computer science final year students who are interested in implementing a security related web application then Multi User Password Authentications Project Using Visual Basic will be a best choice.Multi-User-Password-Authentication-Project


To know existing textual password procedure and to implement new project called multi user password authentication application, to correctly test its security features by differentiating it with existing textual and alphanumerical password scheme. This project will provide better security for users who work on unsecured networks and Internet.


As there is large increase in usage of internet in our daily life there is lot of scope for developing applications that will provide better security for users. We had came across lot of application which provide security for virus…etc but there are very few applications available for authentication hacking like hacking passwords for emails, bank accounts etc. Present authentication system does not provide 100% of security for password protection. There are many online courses available for hacking passwords so there is necessity for developing a application which will provide security for passwords. In order to solve this problem researches had come out with new advanced method called multiple password techniques which will increase password security. Now a day’s many banks, email providers are using this technique for providing better services. Researches state that internet users maintain same password for different account due to password remembering problem which is one of the main reasons for easy hacking. In order to overcome this problem Graphical password techniques are introduced using this method image is used as password which is more secure compare to textual password.

Though there are few draw backs on graphical password technique like if any one observes you while entering password it will be very easy to hack your password. So there is lot of challenge involved in developing this application on Human computer interaction and security communities.

This application can overcome basic hacking techniques like dictionary attack, key-loggers and social engineering, shoulder surfing, hidden camera and spy ware attacks.

System specifications for Multi User Password Authentication Project 

Hardware Specification


Platform          : Windows 2000 Professional

System            : Pentium IV 2.8 GHz

Ram               : 512MB

Hard disk         : 80GB


Platform             : Windows 2000 Professional

System               : Pentium IV 2.8 GHz

Ram                  : 256MB

Hard disk            : 40GB

Software Specification 

Operating System                   :Windows XP/Professional

Language                           :VB.NET

Back End                           :SQL SERVER

For more information on this project you can download project report from this site for free of cost.

Download Project report  of Multi User Password Authentication Project using visual basic.

Robotic Project On Obstracle Detection

Final year students who are interested in developing robotics project,Robotic Project On Obstracle Detection Project can be a good option. The main idea for implementing this robotic project is to handle certain situations where humans cannot reach there but robots can work for us,if there is a situation where robot cannot be operated by human being in the  cases like obstacle detection in that case this project will provide solution for this project. This application is useful in demanding situation in our daily life so developing this application will give lot of scope for a engineer. ROBOTIC-PROJECT-ON-OBSTRACLE-DETECTION.

 Obstacle detection and avoidance robots are nothing but self thinking robots which can take decisions itself using programmed brain without any guidance from human beings. 

  In robotics obstacle sensing is the method of satisfying few features like not-intersection or non-collision with objects in front of them. There are two types of robots in one type robots perform action as we give signals remotely where as second type of robots are self thinking robots which can detect obstacle and move forward. This project is of second robots. 

 In this robots Infra red pairs are used for sensing the obstacles and IR leads are used for transmitting and receiving infra red rays. Using infrared rays robots will find out the obstacles present in front of them and move right or left from their current position and move forward. 

 Robotics Obstacle Detection Project Features.

Modulated IR transmitter

Ambient light protected IR receiver

3 pin easy interface connectors

Bus powered module

Indicator LED

Up to 12 inch range for white object

Can differentiate between dark and light colors.


Proximity Sensor

Obstacle Detector Sensor

Line Follower Sensor

Wall Follower Sensor

For more information on this project you can download project report from this site for free of cost.

Download Project report  of Robotics Obstacle Detection Project.

Corporate Management Recruitment System Project Abstract

Final year students from computer science department and Information department who are interested in developing Human resource management related project then corporate Management Recruitment system will be one of the choice for students. This projects main idea is to bring job information to public without any middle man management systems included in the process or middle management which will help companies as well as job seekers. Corporate-Management-Recruitment-System1

Corporate Management system (CRS) project which relates to HRMS department will maintain entire recruitment service and provide services for job vacancies. This application allows companies to post job vacancies with respect to the subject on which they are looking for employs and job seekers need to log in to their account with given login and password and check job vacancies. This application is developed with a sms feature through which job information is sent to user which are posted by companies if the job is matched to his profile. Job seekers can check there job application status from their account. This project will provide scope for future development.

       This project is a database related project which will  provide easy installation and best front end GUI through which user can easily modify and manage his data. This project will reduce time for every company while considering job recruitment.

Hardware and software specifications  for Corporate Management Recruitment System project          


                Processor              :          Intel P-IV system

                Processor Speed    :         250MHz to 833MHz

                RAM                     :         512MB RAM

                Hard Disk             :          40GB        


            Operating System            :            Windows XP

            Database                          :             Sql Server

            Server side technology    :            ASP.Net

            Server side scripting        :             ASP

            Client side scripting         :             HTML

                  Web-Server                :                IIS

Download Project report  of Corporate Management Recruitment System CSE project.

Upgrading Application Server to Support Available Components CSE Project

Upgrading Application Server to Support Available Components project is for CSE and IT final year students who are looking for a project which will improved application server related project by comparing exiting N tire architecture and implement new application server project which will reduce N -tier architecture to new architecture method using clustering and replication of data at different levels through which applications performance can be increased and flexibility will be increased.Upgrading-Application-Server-to-Support-Available-Components

Presently client-server systems are developed using N-tire architecture. Where each tire performs different functionality like Client applications are developed as a first tire which contain applications like browsers, where as remaining tires are developed on server side like web tire is used for requesting information from client and web server will perform functionality and transfer it to middle tier applications where business logic, computations are implemented. Fourth tire which is database also called as back end tier which will maintain data of the application. In this architecture application are interrelated to each other with in a application server.

Applications developed using N-tier architecture handles lot of data at different tiers so load on application will be large so using replication at each tier can help for better performance that too without any difficulty to user at front end. This project explains about how to cluster and replicate data at middle tire and back end tire (database level).This project doesn’t explain about new replication techniques but explains about how to use replication for better performance. This project concentrates on two replication methods like state replication and computation replication techniques.

For more information on the project and documentation you can download from this site. Download file contains abstract, documentation, pdf research document.

Download Project report  of Upgrading Application Server to Support Available Components CSE project.

ASP.Net Workforce Management System Project

ASP.Net Workforce Management system Project is for CSE and IT Final Year students who are interested in implementing management and maintenance related project. Workforce management system project comes under this category.

This project explains about maintaining employees schedule and allowance information who are working under different shifts this application will be useful for different companies like mechanical, software, call center and many other companies where work is done through shifting process.

The main reason behind developing this application is to provide a better solution to manage work schedules between workers and inform them. ASP.Net-Workforce-Management-system-Project

Using Workforce or task Management system Project application Human resource management can easily manage work scheduling between employs and inform then using the mailing system.

This application is a web-enabled system with better accuracy and efficiency. This application will provide clarity in maintaining a team. 

The shift management system is developed using .Net framework with object-oriented programming to provide the rich application on the web, SQL is used as database. 

Software Requirements for Workforce Management system Project:

  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • Database: SQL Server
  • Server-Side Technology: ASP.Net
  • Server-Side Scripting: ASP
  • Client-Side Scripting: HTML
  • Web-Server: IIS

For more information on the shift management project, you can download the entire document from this site. This zip file also contains project code. 

Workforce Management system Project document contains.

  • System Analysis  
  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Feasibility Study
  • Economic Feasibility
  • Operational Feasibility
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Software Design  
  • Software Implementation
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • About UML

UML Diagrams

Administrator Use Case Diagram:

Project Manager Use Case Diagram:

Team Leader Use Case:

Output Results:

  • Login Page:
  • System Administrator Home Page
  • Project Home Page
  • Assign Project
  • Add Project:
  • Edit Project
  • Delete Project
  • Employee Page
  • Add Employee
  • Edit Employee
  • Delete Employee:
  • Report page:
  • Project Report
  • Employee Report
  • Logout
  • Project Manager
  • Team Leader Home
  • Schedule Menu
  • Add Schedule
  • Edit schedule
  • Add Allowances
  • Report Menu
  • Employee Report
  • Schedule Report
  • Employee report
  • View Allowances Report
  • Shift Report

Download the below attached Project report and source code for ASP.Net Workforce Management System Project.

Java project on Alumni Information Database

Students of computer science and information technology who are interested in java, database related project with new concept then Java project on Alumni Information Database Project can help you. The main idea for developing this project is to replace existing system of maintaining alumni data of students by implementing a search engine based web application which will maintain data of each individual alumni which can be accessed by everyone from all over the world. Java-project-on-Alumni-Information-Database

Alumni Information Database Project will provide login procedure to upload information of college and alumni. Students who had completed his studies and begin his professional carrier can be helpful for other students and colleges for providing guidelines for upcoming students so this system will help colleges as well as students to be in contact with alumni without any other channel of alumni association. 

As we see advancements in information technology had given lot of scope for developing this type of applications by creating new resources like web pages of each alumni and list servers which can be accessed from all over the world within a short time. 

This project has lot of scope for replacing existing system where alumni data is stored in excel sheets which is a time taking process. But this application provides webpage for each alumni and data is stored in database which will be maintained by professionals. 

Alumni information database application is developed in windows xp,linux/solaris,HTML,CSS is used as user interface, Java script is used for client side scripting. Software requirements are mentioned below.

Software Requirements for Alumni Information Database project. 

Server Side Requirements. 

Operating System               :           Windows XP/2003 or Linux/Solaris

User Interface                     :           HTML, CSS

Client-side Scripting           :           JavaScript

Programming Language     :           Java

Web Applications                 :           JDBC, JNDI, Servlets, JSP

IDE/Workbench                  :           My Eclipse

Database                               :           MS Access

Server Deployment             :           Tomcat


Client Side Requirements 

Operating System              :           Any Operating System

Browser                               :           Any Browser (IE,Opera,Mozilla,etc)


For more information on this project you can download documents, code from this site. 

Alumni Information Database project document contains. 

System Analysis

Software Requirement Specification

System Design

E – R Diagram

UML Diagrams  ……more.

Download Project report for Alumni Information Database project .

Online Ticket Booking Project A Java Project

Computer Final year students who are interested in developing travelling portal related project then this Online Ticket Booking Project A Java Project will be best choice. This application is commonly used in our day to day life for train bookings, bus ticket bookings tour information…etc. This application will be the alternative for a manual booking mechanism. The main idea for developing this project is to provide secured and updated ticket booking procedure which will focus on Economical, Technical and Operational feasibility. Online-Ticket-Booking-Project-A-Java-Project.

Online Ticket Booking Project application provides GUI as front end with different modifications based on the type of user. Administrator, agent and customer are provided with GUI through which their respective work can be done. customer can enter his source and destination information to find out the services available similarly administrator and agent will perform their respective functionality. This application will provide security at different tiers. 

Over the past decade functional centralization has experienced a strong acceleration thanks to rapid developments in application technology and communication protocols .In past few years functional centralization had shown a rapid growth in application technology and communication protocols .Centralization had showed lot of benefits like cost saving, control improvements, standardization and increase in productivity’s-Ticketing project will deal with centralization and provide better service. In centralization this project provides Strategic coordination ,Compliance control ,Mandated execution ,Functional consolidation. 


Hardware and software Requirements for Online Ticket Booking Project

User interface requirements: Dreamweaver MX.

IDE                                         : Eclipse

Database requirements        : Oracle8.1

Server                                     : Tomcat 5.0

Preferred Technologies        : JavaScript, Java

( Jdbc 2.0,Servlets2.1, JSP 1.2 ,Struts) 

For more information you can download project report and code from this site.

Online Ticket Booking Project document contains.

Requirement Analysis

Hardware and Software Requirements

SRS Document

Software Model

Architectural Pattern

Design Pattern

Scope and Process

Uml Diagrams

Usecase Diagrams

Class Diagrams

Sequence Diagrams ….more.

Download Online Ticket Booking Project  Project report.

Image Retrieval using Geo Spatial Matching A Java Project

Image Retrieval using Geo Spatial Matching A Java Project is for computer science and Information technology final year students who are searching for a search related final year project by implementing new features into existing search engines. Geo special matching for image retrieval project main idea is to search for a multimedia files using color, special matching mechanism which will be a alternative method for existing image search using text format which is not efficient and accurate. Image-Retrieval-using-Geo-Spatial-Matching-A-Java-Project

Presently search engines like Google use text indexing method for searching images on the internet which work on textual annotations to enable searching and indexing which is not efficient and time consuming why because there are lot of images and multimedia files on web which are not indexed with any text, there is a problem of content mismatch between user searched and search engine provided data and many images are not in desired language so with this drawback, efficiency in image search is not accurate. This application will provide better option for image search by  using special matching for image retrieval, compare to existing search type which works like hit-or-miss type searching where if the user does not specify correct keyword the desired image is not displayed. 

Present text based image search had given scope for developing new technique called Content based image retrieval (CBIR) which depends on primitive features like colour,shape and texture which will automatically extract from the image themselves.

with this feature user can search image based on sketch, design, texture pallet or select interested shape so through this method search engine will display image which is more accurate. 

Developing this project requires following software and hardware equipment in order to execute this application. List of requirements are given below. 

Software Requirements Image Retrieval using Geo Spatial Matching Project.

Operating System

Windows NT/2000 (Client/Server).

Software requirements

Java,JDK 1.4,J2SDK 1.4,Swings,RMI and Java Network Programming.

Hardware Requirements:

System Configuration

Pentium III Processor with 700 MHz Clock Speed

256 MB RAM 20 GB HDD, 32 Bit PCI Ethernet Card.

For more information on this project you can download project document and code form this site.

 Geo Spatial Matching Project document contains.

System Analysis

System Requirement Specifications

Modules Description

System Design…..more.

Download Image Retrieval using Geo Spatial Matching A Java Project report which is a CSE final year project.

Download E-COPS Java Project Report

Download-E--COPS-Java-Project-Report.E-Cops Java project is for computer science final year students who are interested in developing public security related project. Mini project report on e-cops is about providing alternate method for public to submit compliant through online and send it to specified police station without running around police station. 

Citizens in India are not convenient moving around police stations to submit a case because of many reasons like fear, time or ignorance. Because of this reasons many cases are not registering in police station. Though lot of filed cases are not investigated due to lack of proper evidences and cooperation of public. This application will provide a platform for public to report about crime to nearest police station without any fear. This method will be helpful to general public and police to provide better service for public at the same time this using this application process of work can be easily investigated by higher authorities. 

Ecops is a web based application which will be available for every citizen to lodge a complaint and report a crime even when user is in move. At present police department is following manual procedure which takes lot of time and citizen should follow different procedure to file a case, or give information on case which is reducing faith on police department in public. This application uses technology to increase faith of police department in public. Using this application data maintenance, generation of reports, analysis of data, planning and coordination will be fast and easy.          

As the growth of Information filed is increasing developing these type of application will be easy and help full.             

Developing this project requires following software and hardware equipment. List of requirements are given below. 

Software Requirement Specification for E-Cops Java project: 

System Environment:


Hardware Platform: P III or above with

                    RAM of 256MB or above.

                   And 20GB or above of HD.           

Software Platform: Java Enabled Browser

                   Operating System: Any OS


Software Platform :   Java, JDBC & JSP.

Operating System  :    Windows 2000 and above

 Backend          :   Oracle 9i

Download On E-Cops Java project report .