Online Text Tile On ICON Tile Project


              The project “Online text tile on ICON tile” has designed software which will be use by ICON tiles for maintaining the record of tiles that have been ordered by the customers. Thus a system is created wherein records can be maintained of all the transactions that have occurs with a password and login for additional security. This system lessens the manual work.

           With the aid of this system, if the customer places any order for tiles then this entry is automatically made in the online register and stored in the database. This database management has the facility of having a relation with the table. In this system, a code of the tile is entered and the customer id entered. This system requires very little maintenance as it is very secure. 


          In this project Online text tile on ICON tile, the automatic maintenance of tiles, bills, etc is managed. This system has various reports and forms that deal with various functions. Every form has its own menu and on clicking the link, the menu is opened. The customer can browse through the menu by providing his id and password. The information of tiles is generated when the code for the particular tile is entered.

               This system also has the option of incorporating a lot of activities and computerization of these activities. All the computerizations of the system must be done by efficient staff that can do effective work in terms of efficiency, speed, accuracy, storage capacity and quickness. Even though it is an expensive system yet it is very feasible in the current scenario.


          The project described above is faster than the manual system and has easy techniques for storing data. Man power required is less and the system is flexible in nature. The system consumes low resources yet ensures security and accuracy of data.

Download Project Report of CSE Online text tile on ICON tile project.

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