Online Promotion Examination Project Using SAP-ABAP


                 The project “Online promotion examination using SAP-ABAP” is a system wherein the students can appear for the examination online. Its main goal is to provide a quick and easy way for appearing in the exam conducted by ONGC. This system is managed by collaborating with partnerships with agencies/boards that conduct the exam. It can also provide special advantage to the applicants.Online-Promotion-Examination-Project-Using-SAP-ABAP

               This exam consists of many procedures once you are an employee of ONGC and then you have to enter your CPF number. Once you log on, then you can view all the instructions that are related to the examination. The time limitation of the examination is set by the administrator. Once your exam is complete, you can click on the submit button.

SAP-ABAP Examination project description:

This project online promotion examination is developed on a SAP platform in ABAP programming language. There are two types of user groups for this project. One is the administrator and the other is the candidate. The administrator has several roles to play. He has to upload the question bank and the correct answers corresponding to the question bank. He has to also validate the master data of the candidates and prepare the final result.

            The candidate has to register for the exam with the personal number before the exam. He can then login and appear for the exam. He has the option of appearing for a demo session of the exam where he can get to see how the real examination process would be. He can get a list of instructions to be followed for the main examination and can access the result after the exam is completed.


              The project discussed here is flexible in nature and changes can be incorporated very easily into this system. The system can be maintained very easily. An additional feature that can be added in the future would be that a mail response can be sent to the user to let him know whether he is eligible for the exam or not.

Download Project Report of CSE Online Promotion Examination Project Using SAP-ABAP.

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