Paper Presentation and Project on Morphological image processing


        The project “Morphological image processing paper presentation and project ” is a very important tool in the digital image processing as it is this science which can rigorously quantify a lot many aspects of the geometrical structure in such a way that is in accordance with human intuition and perceiving abilities. Through this system, the structural character of an image in the morphological approach is analyzed.Paper-Presentation-and-Project-on-image-processing

         This project is capable of eliminating noise and clutter as well as in the editing of an image based on the size and shape of the objects under consideration. In this system the information of the image is not lost which gets distorted as in the case of Linear image processing. Hence this system is hugely preferred.   

CSE Final Year Morphological Image Project description:

   In this project Morphological image processing, the original image can be again reconstructed by using methods such as dilation, erosion, opening and closing operation. These can be done a limited number of times. Here in this project a fixed length Morphological image processing tool is converted to a mathematical structure by utilizing Java language.

         This system refers to certain operations in which an object is Hit or Fit with the aid of structuring elements and this is thereby reduced to a more revealing shape. The elements are basically shape primitives and are developed to represent some aspect of the information or noise. On applying these structuring elements to the data with various algebraic combinations, morphological transformations can be applied on the data. 


       This project has a lot of scope and can be implemented in various applications such as medical image analysis i.e. in tumor detection and shape of internal organs. It is also used in robotics and radar imaging.  The system is used in the forensics department in fingerprint enhancement and in the reduction of noise in finger print images.  

Download Paper presentation and Project Report of CSE Morphological image processing project.

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