Online Ticket Booking System For PVR Cinemas


              The main objective of this project “Online ticket booking system for PVR cinemas” is to book tickets online. It provides an alternate and convenient method for a customer to purchase tickets. The system is automatic in nature. Once the data is fed into the database, the staff need not do anything and the entire order is processed by the system. This project also offers the option of refund to the customers.Online-Ticket-Booking-System-For-PVR-Cinemas

         This system allows the customers to book tickets from anywhere. The number of staff members is also minimized at the ticket box. The film could also be promoted on the internet. This could bring in more profit for the theatres. The statistical records about the booking process are also provided.


             The project Online ticket booking system for PVR cinemas is a web based system which allows the customers to purchase tickets online and also allows the cancellation of a ticket at an appropriate time i.e. decide by the theatre. To enhance the refund system, the customers have to be a valid member of the site and complete the registration process. The staff can add and delete data to make the system dynamic and interesting for viewers.

           The web page is generated by an automatic process based on the data in the database. There are provisions in the site for a user to become a registered member. Through a simple operation the customer can select the seat and make the payment. He can also cancel the booking through a simple mechanism.


         The project is a real time based management system. This can be practically implemented. The mode of payment can be modernized and various enhancements could be done to this process. The customer has the choice of choosing the seat he is comfortable with. Also the pricing could be made dynamic in order to enhance the system.

Download Project Report of CSE Online Ticket Booking System For PVR Cinemas.

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