School Automation Record Management System a ASP.Net

The project “School automation record management system a ASP.Net Project” is an automated system for managing student details. All details like college details, student personal details, academic details etc are handled by it. This system is high in accuracy and back-up is maintained easily. Only the administrator can update and monitor the complete process.School-Automation-Record-Management-System-a-ASP-Net

The main motive of using this management tool is for academic institutions which range from schools and colleges which simplifies the administrative process including personal management, inventory as well as payments. This system is developed using Microsoft .NET platform which provides user friendly environment and ensures high end security. 

School Record Management ASP.Net Project Description:

The project School automation and automatic record management system will have databases of the courses offered by college, teacher and faculty details. The program here is used for exploring all the activities occurring in college. On the basis of the information report and queries can be generated. The additional features of the system here are SMS and email.

These tools can be used to notify the parents about student activities and the events on school. This system makes it very easy to track records with a built-in search operation. The system is designed in a way to ensure BPR is possible in future requirements. This project also reduces the workload of end users by eliminating data-entry work while reports are prepared for the top management.

The system designed is error free and robust in nature. It is efficient and less time-consuming. The .NET is developed on the OOPS concept whose main benefit is modularity that enables in providing add-ons for the project. These modules can be added without much effort without much modification. Thus this project can be enhanced in the future to make it very robust in nature.

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