Saving Account and Loan Management System a VB Project

The project “Saving account and loan management system a VB Project” is designed for maintaining different types of loans and saving account details. It is also useful in maintaining the user information. All sorts of modifications can be recorded here with a secured login. A lot of manual work is reduced by this system and result can be achieved very quickly. It increases security, storing and is accurate too.

The management and maintenance of data becomes easier and a cost viable option. This is because of the high amount and reliability of storage space available in this processed system. Customer services are also satisfied and also enhanced that one can obtain or cancel a reservation from any branch at any point of time.  

Loan Management VB Project Description:

This project saving account and loan management system consists of different forms and reports which have a different function each.  Every form and report has a menu designed for it. Once this menu is clicked, then all related information such as saving account, reports and modules are displayed in the project. There are 8 forms and also different reports, modules in the project.

The different forms are login, inquiry, nominee information, open account, close account, saving account and different types of loan. In the login form if the user id and password is entered then data can be accessed. In the nominee form, details about user id, name, contact details is provided. Besides these, the other forms can be used as per their specification.


The project designed here stores data easily and can be obtained at a fast rate. Reports of transaction are easily generated easily and are much faster than the manual system. it is flexible and fastest record technique. Moreover it becomes very easy to use this system and man power is also utilized.            

download Project Report of CSE Saving Account and Loan Management System a VB Project.

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  1. you work is good, however for better interactivity in line with modern trends, use scripting language to implement. thanks

  2. please help me …i need a project in banking system in visual basic…i have to submit my project in 2 days …..please help me

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