Covid-19 Testing Management System Python Project

Covid-19 Testing Management System is a small project developed using Python programming. Here are the application features below.

Project features:

• Adding new testing centers
• Search for available testing centers by locality
• Update and delete testing centers
• Show all testing centers by city, state
• Shows the number and type of testing kits available at each center.

Software to be used to develop this application:

• Python
• SQL for creating a database
• Library to interface between Python and SQL
• Either Django (to create a web app) or a GUI library to create the UI (not decided yet)


1. Login page (This has a simple login prompt designed using a GUI library that asks for the user id and password.)
2. Menu:
a. Add a testing center
B. Delete testing center
C. Edit the number of testing kits available
D. Search for the testing center by district/city/state
E. Show all testing centers
3. Separate sections for:
a. Adding a new center
b. Deleting center
c. Updating center information
d. Searching for center
e. Nationwide data

Covid-19 Testing Management System can be developed by using PHP & MySQL Server with different functionalities below.

User Characteristics

The Covid 19 Testing Management system has 2 types of users they are Admin and user(patient)

General Constraints

The tools and technologies that are used to develop this project are:
The language used in this project is PHP5.6 and PHP7.x.
The database used in this project is MySQL 5.x.
The web browsers that are used in this project are Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8, and OPERA.

Operational Scenarios

Scenario A:
How your application starts
Our application covid19 testing management system starts by login into the application, if the user is a new user, the user needs to register by providing the needed credentials.
New users need to provide testing information. A registered user needs to provide test information.

Scenario B:
Usage Scenarios like Customer Check-out
When a customer visits our application, he/she needs to log in by providing their credentials according to their role i.e., admin and user.
If the user is new, he needs to register if he is an old user, he can directly enter the login details and login directly.

Scenario C:

The data that we are going to store in the database
1) Admin Login

2) New admin login
Admin name

3) User login

4) New user login
Phone number

5) User Registration
Current address
E-mail id
Phone number
Aadhar card number

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