Library System .Net Project with Source code

Project Title: Library System .Net Project with Source code

Software Requirements:  ASP.Net, C#.Net, Visual Studio, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL Server.

Project Description: The main aim of developing this Library System is to create a web-based application for the college library. 

This project web forms included the author web form, the book adds web form, book catalog web form, book edit web form, book status web form, book subject web form, book type web form, borrow book web form, borrow condition web form, college department information web form, history web form, holiday web form, index web form, book amount web form, book fine web form, book return web form, book search information web form, view book recommended web form, user information web form, member information web form, admin information web form and many more.

Library System .Net Project with Source code, Project Documentation, Paper Presentation, Abstract, and database file.

Library Management System .Net Project

Library Management Login

  • User Name
  • Password

Add Book to Inventory

  • Book ID
  • Book Name
  • Book Publisher Name
  • Book Published Year
  • Book Price
  • Book Quantity

Book Assignment

  • Student ID
  • Student Name
  • Student Branch
  • Student Year

Over Due Books

  • Book ID
  • Student (ID / Name)
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Penalty
  • Status

Download the complete Library Management System .Net Project Source Code and Database

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  1. Bro please provide me Library System .Net Project with Source code DB in SQL also. could not be found in your zip

  2. Our project is photo competition website with voting can you send the abstract as well as documentation

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