Implementation of Floyd’s Algorithm Java Project

Existing System:

The existing system is provided with the algorithm that consists of only insertion and deletion of vertices, edges, and weights. It is not provided with the actual graph that is to be considered but has only provided with the matrix that is to be determined.

Disadvantages of Existing System:

  • It can perform insertion and deletion only.
  • It cannot perform replacement of weights.
  • It doesn’t generate a graph by which the problem complicated to the user.

Proposed System:

The proposed system is being provided with insertion, deletion and also the replacement of weights compared to the existing system. This is provided with an option to solve using an actual graph that is either directed or undirected. Here it asks for nodes and corresponding weights to form a graph. This is used to calculate and gives the shortest path from one node to other.

Advantages of Existing System:

  • It can perform insertion, deletion, and replacement.
  • It generates a graph to explain the problem easily.
  • It is also used to find the shortest path.

System Design:

Class Diagram:

Collaboration Diagram:

Component Diagram:

Deployment Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

State Chart Diagram:

Usecase Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Modules included in this project:

Creation Module:

This module helps the user to create a number of vertices and edges.

Insertion Module:

This module helps us to insert a number of vertices and edges present in the algorithm.

Deletion Module:

This module helps us to delete specified vertices or edges in the current graph.

Floyd Module:

This module specifies the algorithm’s logic used in the program to find the shortest root in the network.

Replace Module:

This module is used to replace the weights with the existing weights and also used to exchange the positions of the nodes.

Software Requirements:

Language: Java

Operating System: Windows

extract and run index.html on chrome.

Download Implementation of Floyd’s Algorithm Java Project

Online Pharmacy Management System Java Project


The main aim of developing this application is to supply the medicines all over the country by just a single click and to reduce the time consumption. Online pharmacy is a web-based application. The user can post requirement for medicine. TUser can purchase medicine online. Medicine is provided at your doorstep by the nearest associate store. The prescription is mandatory for ordering medicine. As per the prescription, the user can search medicine and useful information. This application provides information for daily consumption of medicine. This application provides user login to the customer. And admin can get the all expired medicines information and he can able to see all orders information of clients.

Existing System

The customer goes to the shop and purchases the medicine required. So a lot of time is wasted and the person gets tired. If he wants to exchange the product, once again he goes to the shop and replaces them. The complete process depends on the physical interactions.

Proposed System

The Online Pharmacy is easy to use and order. The customer selects the required medicines and orders them by a single click. Before it, the customer needs to create a login account and fill all the details like name, address, any id no…Etc.  The client can able to view the status of the medicines. The business goal for the application is to provide the medicines to all the people & admin will provide the supplier details.

System Design:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

 Our Application provides the following things:

  • To provide login facility to the customers.
  • To provide a list of all available medicines to the customers.
  • To update all the list of expired medicines.
  • Medicines are delivered at your door-step. 



He can able to add the new medicines information which are visible to the clients. And he can view the expired medicines information .and he can able to update the medicines status .he is behaves like the manufacturer of medicines and he will add the supplier details to the client. 


User should follow the some authentication process. He can able to logging into our application by providing valid user name and password .after that user can able to search the medicines and he will order the required medicines information through online.

Online Pharmacy Output Screens Below:


User Home:

User Main Page:

Enter Details Page:

Admin Home:
Admin Main Page:

Users Details Page:

View Orders Page:

Stock Management System Android App Synopsis


  • Stock Management System is software which is helpful for the businesses operate stores, where store owner keeps the records of purchase.
  • This project eliminates the paperwork, human faults, manual delay and speed up the process.
  • Stock Management System will have the ability to track overall worth and available stock.
  • This is simple, fast and intelligent Stock management that can be used by anyone who has a smartphone.


  • Manual calculation of stock present in any store is time-consuming and very risky.
  • The workers cannot maintain the store when there is no owner as they do not know the prices.


The proposed system is an Android application, it is better than existing system because of following reasons:

  • Easily accessible by anyone.
  • Overall worth of stock, products worth can be viewed by owner.
  • Prices of stock present in the store can be seen so that worker can also manage the stock without the presence of the owner.
  • It doesn’t require manpower, so it is not expensive.


This Stock Management System project will be a great help for the stores because it is a great difficult task that to manage stock and calculating the worth. He can also manage the stock by doing operations(add, remove) so that the person will be notified when to get the new stock into the store.


“Stock Management System” can be used in small stores for keeping track of stock easily and save the time.

Online Crime Management and Public Services .Net Project



Category: Web Application

Objective: This application will actually automate the manual work done at police stations formatting the information related to crimes that are reported on a daily basis. It will improve efficiency and also avoid delays in the processing of a crime investigation. Anyone dealing with a case can access the information at fingertips in the easiest way.

The application will have an Inbuilt UI to save all details related to a crime registration, the team has to initially collect all information related to various forms that are available to register and process the cases that are registered in police stations. Depending on the type of crime a different UI can be designed for various crimes that are being registered.

The application will also maintain data related to all police officers that are working in different shifts 24*7 on any given day. We can also provide a feature to register their attendance by providing an interface which will allow saving attendance by a logged in personnel. In future, we can also implement biometric Ui scanning interface to save attendance.


Admin: This module is provided to add employees of all levels. It will create all base categories that are needed. It will create roles, create user types, create users i.e. employees. It will also be used to create record types, i.e. FIR(First Information Report), CD(Case diary), CCD(Court Case Diary), CS (Charge Sheet), RCD (Remand Case Diary) etc. It will allow the user to create different forms for different record types. Admin can also view complaints that are logged in by the public as registered users and assign it to an employee in the sense officials.

Criminal-Info Module: This module will provide an option to create a profile of criminal and enter all data related to him or her. The option will be provided to scan any documents of the criminal.

Diary Module: This module will have options to view and save data for different record types for different criminals for whom cases are registered. It will be accessible to certain roles only. This module will be used to save data in the different type of records and assign criminals to it while creating a case. Hence a case is created in this module and a criminal is attached to it on submission of the record type.

Employees Module: This will be accessible by employees and they can log in and update their profile info. View their info. Depending upon the role they will have access to different record types like Senior inspector will have access to save data in FIR, CD, CCD etc but if a constable logs in he can only view the info for a certain criminal. A logged in an employee can view cases assigned to him or her. This module will be provided with the option to scan any documents and attach it to the case records.

User Module: This will allow public to register themselves and login complain which can be viewed by admin and also view the status of logged in complaints. They can upload any scanned docs or attach videos or pics. ( Feasibility for attaching videos can be covered on a live server but not for the local case).

Blogs or Posts module: this module is accessible to any public user who will register and then blog on the site. It will have like, views and comments options and reply to comments too. This will need multithreading concept to handle the posts and a related web service too.

Future enhancements: Updating data, deleting data and saving data, provisions for these activities will be provided as per roles assigned to an official. For This we can come with a role management module which will be provided with a UI interface. It will have options to assign a role to save or delete or view as per different screens that are available in the application. It will be a sophisticated module which is accessible to certain users only like admin, front office and senior officials only.


FRONT END : ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, javascript

C# language

BACK END: MICROSOFT SQL Server 2008 and above


We can add any other Software tools according to our requirements. Like we can do it in Php also.
Php back End language
MySQL database
HTML Javascript CSS

Venue booking system Java Project


Venue booking system is a web application developed in java. This application enables users and dealers the best way to communicate about booking venue. The dealer will provide all the details of the venue and the facilities available about the venue. User can search for venue and can find the details of various venues. User can select all the required options needed and can book venue from anywhere. Admin can view all the details of the user and dealer.

Existing System:

In the existing Venue booking system, there is no proper communication between user and dealer. All the requirements given by users are entered manually by dealers where there is a chance of data tampering. Users need to see the location and the facilities of the venue which take time and physical effort.

Proposed System:

The proposed Venue booking system provides all the details in the application itself where user can view all the details of the venue and can book online from anywhere and at anytime. All the information gives by users are stored in the database where there is no scope of loosing data.



Admin can get login to the application by entering valid username and password. Admin can view all the details of users and dealers.


Dealer need to give details in the registration form and can get valid username and password. Dealer can add all the details of the venue and view all the details of the added venue. Dealer can view all the details of users booking request.


User need to give details in the registration form and can get valid username and password.

E-Auction Java Project

Secure Web Application for Managing Auction System


E-Auction is a web application developed in java. E-Auction provides a marketplace which facilitates buying products such as electronics, furniture, household goods, bikes, and cars etc. This application enables users to buy the goods by making fast and easy for anyone to post all the details of the product on the application.

Existing System:

In the existing system, the user is not able to get the required information about the products to be purchased. The user should go physically to know the information which is not accurate and takes a lot of it. Selling and purchasing a product takes a lot of time and effort.

Proposed System:

In the proposed system users can find the details of the product at any time and from anywhere. The user can view the details on the application and can apply for the product to purchase the product which takes no time and physical effort.

UML Diagrams:

Use Ca

se Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:




Admin needs to get login by entering valid credentials. Admin can view all the details of the users. Admin can view all the requests of the users who applied for the auction on a product Admin will send a response to users to purchase a product.


The user needs to enter all the details in the registration form to get a valid username and password. The user needs to enter a one time password which will be sent to his mail id. The user can add all the details of the product. The user can view all the details of the added products. The user needs to enter details of the product need to send for auction and can check the status for their request.


E-Auction application satisfies the requirement of the users in purchasing the products which selected for auction. This application provides an easy and fast way for the process of the auction on a product.

Real Estate Management System Java Project Synopsis



Existing System:-

Whenever searching is done for a new house, the main focus is on the location. If you want to buy it in the city it is very difficult thing to search the land in the big city and if we search it manually it takes a lot of time at the same time if we want to sell our land meance it will take a long time to do it manually.

proposal System:-

This Real Estate Management System will provide facility to the user to search Residential and Commercial property and view property. This system will provide facility to view the property by admin and user. The user will able to upload the property information to the site and able to manage it.

This java project will provide facility to the user to fill up their requirement and according to their Requirement Admin can add the Requirement property.

This system will provide facility to the user to publish advertise to the Site and view. This system will provide facility to the user to feedback to the site.

Software Requirements

  • Language: Java
  • Web technologies: JEE (Servlets/JSP)
  • Front-end Design : Html, CSS, JSP
  • Database: MYSQL
  • Scripting: JavaScript
  • Server: Tomcat

Hardware Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Ram : 2GB
  • HardDisk: 500MB
  • Processor: Intel Core i3

Online Cab Booking System Java Project

This Online Cab Booking project deals with an online system designed for booking cabs as per the requirements of the customers at their convenience.

The current system is manual and it is time-consuming. It is also cost-ineffective, and the average return is low and diminishing.

We give customer satisfaction the utmost priority and so give ample options to book cab by entering details like their journey date and time, origin, pick-up point, destination and the drop-off point they need to reach.


Existing Online Cab Booking project system requires lots of physical and mental efforts as cabs are booked manually on call.
Many chances of human errors such as wrong entry of journey date, time and location are recorded manually in a register by an employee thereby increasing chances of misregistration.

No clear communication among drivers, passengers and the office leading to a denial of service.
Punctuality is not maintained and faster accessibility of cabs is not possible due to traffic and miscommunication issues.

Level of sharing of information is weak.

Customers suffer a lot in terms of comfort and safety.

Maintaining and assigning responsibilities to the cab drivers by the service providers becomes difficult in the long run.


The proposed Online Cab Booking project system ensures that the users can book the cab as per their requirements by logging on to the website.

It allows users to book their cabs online, manage their bookings and cancel their bookings at any point of time.

The users will get notified about the driver and his mobile no. so as to communicate with him.
Regular updates are provided to the customer so that they are aware of their bookings, driver details, and booking status.

The user can also drop in their suggestions or queries in the feedback form.


It enhances business processes since it makes use of internet technology to increase their profits.

The software acts as a 24/7 office due to its all-time availability.

It increases the efficiency of the system in offering quality services to its customers.

It’s user-friendly as they can book cabs from the comfort of their homes or offices.

It’s highly secure as it requires only a logged in person to book the cab which prevents misuse of their details by intruders.

Customer Support Service Operations Synopsis

Project Title:  Customer Support Service Operations

Category: Application Development, Enterprise.

The goal of the project entitled “Customer Support Service Operations” is to report and track the problems that have occurred in the system. This application is used in many areas and report back the error to the administrator. The administrator will check the error and sends a report to the vendor regards the generated errors.

The user in different locations sent their complaints to the administrator giving the complaint, type, date/time of occurrence of the problem and their location. These details are stored in the inbox of the administrator. The administrator checks the complaint. The service charge is free until the guarantee period expires.

Users can complain at any time to the administrator and he in turn reports to the vendor.

MNZ is a distribution company dealing in electronic testing and measurement equipment. Every time a customer calls into log in a problem with respect to one of the product purchased from MNZ, there is an opportunity to retain that customer forever providing fast, responsive and effective customer support. MNZ deals with different types of products such as process control, material testing and heat sensing.

The starting cycle for customer support is installed. When a product is installed it gets an installation ID. With this, the client would interact with MNZ. When a client calls the customer support division to register a complaint they quote their ID. Then this call is assigned any CSE who is available in the office, if not the call is assigned to nearest CSE with I the client location. CSE’s are expected to provide the customer support within a period of time.

If for a specific service call, spare parts are required then CSE will go to MNZ stores and fill in the spare request form. This form will quote the installation number with client/site and product details and specify the part number for the specific spares of the product. If the product is under warranty, then spares are supplied without charging anything extra.

Store Management System .Net Project


Stores Management System is a project developed to automate the processes to reduce the clerical labor of the staff working in stores both technical and as well as accounts departments.

This system uses the latest technologies and cost-effective tools thereby providing the better control to the management by avoiding manual errors.

Stores management system is a web-based manufacturing system that enables a manufacturing industry to schedule its manufacturing operations based on the daily update of sales from its dealers.

Existing System:

In the existing system, all the details of the records are maintained manually. Details of the items are not maintained properly. Takes a lot of time and less security. Records are not maintained in a proper order. Loss of data may happen sometimes.

Proposed System:

The proposed system maintains the information in the database. It is used as an intranet application. This system provides high-security. This system provides easy business solutions to the users.



Admin will get login with a valid username and password. Admin can view the customer requests. Admin can add the details of the supply forms. Admin views all the customer information. Admin can add the material forms.


Customer needs to fill the registration and get a valid username and password. The customer can make a request for ordering the form. The customer can accept the request and reject the request.


Our project store management system has succeeded in managing the details and the list of materials in an easy way without taking much time.