Job Suggestion Website Java Project

To help job seekers to find the job information online conveniently and quickly we are going to develop this project. The project title is job suggestion website. Here We are going to develop this website to ease the difficulty of searching for jobs according to the area of interest and according to locations where they want to work. To develop this website we have to collect information from different companies by crawling the data with their domains and location. These crawled data need to store by using some database (such as mongoDB or phpmyadmin or mysql). The stored data of companies should be searchable by location or domain. For searching, we will use elastic search or other search engines. To search companies user need to enter location or domain and our website will suggest companies according to the given information.

Output Results Explanation:

This User interface is for job portal home page where admin can log in with registered user id and password. The user can view a list of features available in this application.

After successful login admin can view different features and perform operations form this page.

Admin can view employee details with user id, employee name, company name, contact number, email id, date of registration and charges.

List user interface will display a list of applications which are applied for jobs.

Using View jobs user interface admin can view a list of jobs posted with job id, job description, company name, and date of posting with requirements.

The user can select posted jobs from this list and look after detail of job with address, time and company profile. The user can apply using directly from this interface.

This interface is confirmation message after user applying for the job.

This user interface is for the admin who can post new walk-in details. List of posted details is shown with walk-in id, job title, company name, location, walk-in date.

Using this User interface admin can add new walk-in details and post to the existing list.

This interface is for showing successful posting of a new walk in.

This interface is for user registration where the employee should register with an application for applying for a job. The user must enter login detail and contact information using this form.

Admin can view a list of job seekers details who had applied for a different job posting . Admin can view job seeker id, username, qualification, percentage.

Search interface can help admin or user to find respective job seeker or job postings without searching from the list. Admin can select criteria, location, experience, functional area and get results.

Using manager login form user must enter valid user id and password to log in with application only after login user can use any features.

Company manager can view employer details after login to the application.

The manager can view a list of job postings from different companies. He can post a new job for his company.

The manager can add new job post for the list based on his company requirement.

This interface is for post successfully posted confirmation.

This interface is for user login where user had already registered with the application. He can enter user id and password and apply for a job.

The user can view a list of placements papers and download for reference.

This interface will display downloaded placement paper with previous questions and answers.

Using this interface user can download sample resumes.

This interface shows details of downloads available for a user like networking question papers, database question papers..etc.

UML Diagrams:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Class Diagram:

ER Diagram:


Metadata has data about data. Metadata actually has the data that describes the data we store in our SQlite database files.

S.NO Table name attributes properties Data type  key
1 Admin Userid User1, user2, .. varchar Primary key
password varchar
2 Employer  Home


User name


Employer name Varchar


Primary key


Job Street


View Jobs


Post New Job


SaveJob Details


















Search Jobs


J2EE Software Engineer…. varchar Primary key
3 Job Seeker Home Search Jobs J2EE Software Engineer…. varchar Primary key
Apply Job JOB1, JOB1…. varchar
My Profile PerID1, PerID2.. varchar
My Applications A-1, A-2.. varchar
Update Profile


PerID1, PerID2.. Varchar


Mechanical Questionnaire System Java Project

Statement of the project

To maintain the questions in the database and develop an Auto Questionnaire to conduct promotional exams for the employees.

Existing System:

  • It is time-consuming and difficult to conduct for every section.
  • At present to conduct any exam question paper is being set manually.

Proposed System:

Questions are generated randomly with the proposed system if we mention the details.

Software Requirements:

Windows OS, JDK, Net Beans with Apache Tomcat web server,  Oracle, Internet Explorer with the latest available Adobe flash plug-in, Rational rose for modeling.

Project Modules:

  • Question Bank maintenance
  • Default Templates
  • Creating a new Template
  • Generating Reports

UML Diagrams:

Class diagram for the System:

Use Case Diagram showing the actions of the administrator:

Sequence diagram for login to the system:

Sequence Diagram for Question bank:

Sequence Diagram for Question Paper:

State Chart Diagram for admin object:

Activity diagram of the system:

Other Output Screenshots:

  • When user login to QB
  • Displaying QB
  • Viewing Questions from QB
  • Selecting to add Questions.
  • Adding Questions.
  • Deleting Questions.
  • Default Templates
  • Open/Save Q.paper in MS-Word
  • Question Paper Generator
  • Open/Save Question paper in MS-Word
  • Question Paper in MS-Word
  • Reports

Download Mechanical Questionnaire System Java Project Source Code

Java Project on Travel & Tourism Management System


The Main objective of this Travel & Tourism project is to make the travel easy and comfortable for the users right from finding the routes and buses to till the booking of the tickets. In this project, we have two modules, Admin, and user.

Admin in this Travel & Tourism Management System project will log in with the default username and password and admin has authority to add the bus routes and add the travel and assign the route id’s and bus id’s and finally, the admin will add the buses at particular times in different routes. Admin will also add the different travel agencies while adding buses admin will fix the ticket price and the capacity of seats.

Finally, the user will register and log in and the find the appropriate routes and use the route id he will search the bus by giving all details like date of journey and type of seat etc. After selecting the information user will be headed to select seats in a view the selected seats will be displayed as red and then after successful payment the booking confirmation will be shown.

If the user feels any feedback need to give, he can provide feedback to admin.

Existing System:

In the existing system, the user needs to find the bus routes by visiting the travel desks and enquire the information and the user needs to book the tickets manually and there may be a chance of no availability of tickets. So we Proposed this project this will overcome all difficulties.

Proposed System:

In the proposed system, the user need to just login into the application and can find the routes and booking immediately and complete the booking process for a successful transaction.

Data Flow Diagrams:

Context Level DFD and Level 1 Data Flow Diagram for Administrator, Users

Level 2 Data Flow Diagram for Travels, Routes, Pickup Points, Booking Modules

Use Case Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

ER Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Download Travel & Tourism Management System Java Project Source Code, Project Report Documentation, PPT, UML Diagrams and Output Screens.

Java Project on Computer to Telephony Integration System

In Any Growing Business or organization customers, satisfaction is the most common factor so to accomplish that we need to take the feedback from the customers or else we need to provide a complaint service for customers to solve any errors or problems occurred to them so, we need some call center executives. In this Computer to Telephony Integration System project, there are 3 modules.

  1. Admin
  2. Customer
  3. Employee


Admin will login with valid username and password after logging admin can add employees and delete employees. Admin can view the Customers registered and generate the reports.

All the users are controlled by admin. Administrator services are

  1. Employee Management
  2. View Customers
  3. Generate The Reports
  4. Check The Feedback


Customer will register and login into the application and update his profile. He can Submit the complaints and wait for the reply and he can see the status of the complaint and can give the feedback to the admin.

The Customer services are

  1. Update profile
  2. submit the complaints
  3. view complaints status
  4. send feedback


Employee will login and view and update his details and view the complaints uploaded by the customer and provide a solution and submit reports. He can view and request and send feedback.

The employee is a work which can handle the all the customer details. The Employee services are

  1. Edit profile
  2. view/solve complaints
  3. submit reports
  4. view request and send feedback

Software Requirements 

Operating System: Windows or Linux/Solaris

User Interface: HTML, CSS

Client-side Scripting: JavaScript

Programming Language: Java

Web Applications: JDBC, JSP

IDE/ Workbench: Eclipse with MyEclipse Plug-in

Database: Oracle / MySQL

Server Deployment:  Apache Tomcat

Architecture Diagram:

Admin Use Case Diagram:

Customer Use Case Diagram:

Employee Use Case Diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Output Screens:

  1. Home Page:
  2. Admin Page:
  3. Customer Registration:
  4. Customer Login:
  5. Edit Customer Profile:
  6. Add Employee Details:
  7. Customer Details:
  8. Employee Login:
  9. Update Employee Details:

Download Computer to Telephony Integration System Java Project Source Code, Project Report, PPT, UML Diagrams

Java and MySQL Project on Credit Card Approval System


Now a day’s using credit card is increased drastically when compared to previous years so the banks also interested in providing more credit cards but the present system has the drawback of providing cards. The System is completely manual so the bank agent must visit the customer and collect the details and provide the transaction details etc.

This takes a much amount of time so we came with the application. In this Credit Card Approval System application, the customer can register and login into the application and he must fill all the necessary details and he needs to provide the transaction or billing details.

The customer can also view the transactions done using a credit card and to whom the money is transferred. He can also view and update the information provided by him

Modules present in the application are

  • Customer

Existing System:

In the Existing system, everything is manual so if any transaction details of customer required it is difficult to figure it out. There are no print reports of the customer transaction details.

Proposed System:

In the proposed System everything is Computerized and all the records are in excel format so tracking the details are much faster and easier.

Download Credit Card Approval System Java Project Code, Report, PPT