Medical Advisor Android App by using Java & SQLite

This project is an android based application, especially for the medical sector. This application will be used by users to get medical information about different physical health conditions. This is a standalone application.

The primary aim of this project is to facilitate the user with medical help online providing drug and medical information to the person. Medical Advisor apps are changing the way users handle their personal health care.

Existing System:

The existing system is the online app that facilitates the user with the drug information and the specified clinical prescription to the user. It functions with the user entering the search information regarding the desired disease he wants to know about and the app returns the specified results about the input given by the user the existing system also contains the details about the specialized doctors around them. Basically, it’s an information app for the diseases to be known to the user.

Proposed System:

 In the proposed system, the app facilitates certain features for the user. It basically helps the individual with the clinical assistance online by giving medication and also medical information to the individual about the particular medicine. This app allows you to track any kind of blood donation program around you. the user just has to enter the details as asked in the program and you have to hit the search button and the results are returned.

This project provides you with an insight into the design and development of the health advisor app. For instance, a recent study found that the risk of hospitalization for patients with no or poor knowledge of prescribed therapies is more than double in cases of certain diseases.


 Number of Modules As this is a standalone application, so this application will be available for users.

Users can perform the below operations:

  • Users can search about different diseases.
  • The user gets nearby hospitals based on their location and also specialized doctors working in it.
  • Users can also get details about wellness problems.
  • Users can get blood contribution programs near them.
  • Users can get medical details about physical health.
  • Users can also get medicine descriptions, chemical composition, effects, and side effects.
  • Users also can search for medicines based on their specified illness.

Software requirements:

  • Front end: java
  • Back end : XML
  • Software: android studio
  • Database: SQLlite

Here you can download the entire Medical Advisor Android APP by using Java coding & SQLite Database Source Code, Complete Project documentation, and Paper Presentation.

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