Patient Medicine and Appointment Tracking System Java Project


Patient Medicine and Appointment Tracking System is a web application that provides an interface through which Admin, Patient, Doctor, and Receptionist can register to the portal. The Java, HTML application will be used as Medicine and appointment tracking system.

The proposed Patient Medicine booking system eliminates the paperwork at hospitals and provides an easy solution through which the users would be able to read and update the data on the portal.


This Patient Medicine and Appointment Tracking System project is a web application in which the Admin, Doctor, Receptionist, and Patient can register where Receptionist will ask for the email id of the patient for registration and the patient will get an email having a key generated by the receptionist through which patient can authenticate and can register on the portal.

The patient will be able to log in, create and view a medical report which comprises of clinic name, disease, doctor name, receptionist name, appointment date, etc, which are going under his guidance. The portal will provide information about the patient’s Medical Report and Appointment with the doctor.

This Medical Report will be maintained by the Patient, and the Approval/Disapproval of the appointments directly depends on the receptionist /doctor. The patient will get an email regarding the appointment in either of the cases.

Data Modelling of the Patient Medicine and Appointment Tracking System

Problem Formulation

We often forget about the small things in our day-to-day life because of our fast and busy schedule. But these small things like taking medicines and our weekly or monthly doctor’s appointment, have greater impacts if they are ignored. So, the main objective of building this project is to maintain the health of the user in his busy lifestyle.

The medication should not be ignored and thus MediTrack will help the user by reminding them timely about the medicines and schedule of appointments with the doctor. It also provides the doctor (receptionist) to keep track of and schedule the appointment with the patient.


Existing technologies in the market carry out only online delivery of the medicines as per the prescription. Meditrack serves the patient’s needs by allowing them to make an appointment with the doctor and can keep a track record of their prescriptions, and appointments.

The Patient will be able to keep track of medicines, Appointment details, stock of required medicines, and scheduled reminders at appropriate times for prescribed medicines.

Software Requirement

Front End: HTML, Bootstrap. Angular
Backend: SpringBoot
Operating System: Windows 7 & 8
Database: MySQL

Visit the developer’s Page and Download the complete Java & MySQL project on Patient Medicine and Appointment Tracking System

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