Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Seminars for CSE

Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Seminars for CSE: As to know how efficient the computers are in its performance, face recognition is a test of litmus for programmers whose aim is to achieve 100% efficiency with incorporation of techniques and algorithms. In today’s zest to include the current work for face recognition, there is a face recognition technique to put forward.

The unique approach is to exploit the important feature of the human face that includes its most protean features concentrated at the Eyebrows, Eyes, and the Nose areas. For that there is an incorporated Object-Oriented model and there is a CYNOSURE class to tackle this. Here we discuss how a part of image is incarnated into its real form.

Apart from using the vocal chord, the only way one can express himself implicitly is by his facial expressions which convey a lot. With the expressions of face, anyone can understand whether the other is sad or cheerful. Everything can be estimated easily just by the face. Images are the best way to record things.

With the arrival of Internet, video chat and exchanging of images can be done easily in any corner of the world over the Net. It is Face Recognition that is making it easy. This technology disguises criminals easily.

Facial Recognition technology has successfully achieved in character recognition which further incorporated into signature recognition. There are other pattern recognition algorithms and software that showed great accuracy in face recognition.


We have come to know the use of object-oriented model by partitioning the features of face into particular parts like the EYES, EYEBROWS, NOSE, LIPS, CHIN and the most important part is CYNOSURE. Cynosure class has the ability that includes Uniqueness to that approach. Hopfield Model is put with other Neural Network algorithms such as the Back Propagation algorithm which is used to detect Human facial patterns initially. There are many emendations and improvements that have to be done.

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