Techniques of Image Processing

Description: The research paper Techniques of Image Processing talks about Image Processing and the techniques adopted to obtain better quality images. The first of image processing computes an input image to clean the data base to a reduced set of agreeable matches. As simple shape features are used in screening the image database, this first stage can be performed very fast; this output is then presented to a detailed matcher in the second stage. The research paper suggests that this stage uses a deformable template model to eliminate false matches. The goal of proposed retrieval system is to present to the user a subset of database images that are visually similar to the query. A major challenge is that trademarks that appear to be perceptually similar need not be exactly similar in their shape. In fact, it is extremely difficult to define and capture perceptual similarity. It is extremely difficult for a computer vision system to identify objects in the image.

Techniques of Image Processing:

A system to extract visually similar trademarks from a database of design marks is posited in the research paper. It is suggested in the research paper that the goal of the system is to present to the user all possible similar design marks that resemble in shape to the query trademark. The aim is to build a system with both high speed and accuracy; a hierarchical two-level feature extraction and matching structure for image retrieval is used.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note suggesting that both hedge direction histogram and the seven invariant methods are not sufficient for shape matching. In other words, two dramatically different shapes can have very similar edge direction histograms and invariant moment features, so these shapes are likely to be among the top 10 retrievals; however, the top retrievals also contain some trademarks that seem to be perceptually very different from the query.

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