Peer To Peer Networks CSE Seminar Download

Peer To Peer Networks CSE Seminar Download: Peer to peer network has a great impact the networking community. P2P technology has promised radically to alter the future of network community. Peer to peer networks is widely spread as a robust and scalable model for data-sharing over the internet.

Peer-to-peer is a network sharing work-station which includes equivalent capabilities and responsibilities. This is different from client/server architecture.

This network is becoming highly popular because it has opportunities for real-time communication, ad-hoc collaboration and information sharing in a large-scale distributed environment. Peer -To-Peer networks is defined as collection of heterogeneously distributed resources which are connected by the network

The most accurate characterization of P2P networking is that there is a symmetric communication between the peers; each peer has both a client and a server character. P2P systems are multi-dimensional. They scalability is improved by enabling real and direct timesharing the of information and services.

They enable knowledge sharing by gathering information and resources from nodes that are present on geographically distributed and potentially heterogeneous platforms. P2P also provides high availability by removing the use of the single centralized component.

P2P is a communication model in which both parties have similar capabilities so it is can be defined as a file sharing of direct communication or collaboration between computers. The basic concept is that two devices (peers) share information and resources with each other.

P2P is decentralized. It means moving away from the monolithic central hub. P2P models are not just about communication between computers. Security is a prerequisite for interactions and scalability.


P2P network is perfectly made for home environments where many different devices are able to communicate with each other. With this model, home devices can orient themselves and P2P models become cheaper than centrally managed networks. Interoperability of different digital devices definitely has been waited for and it may have a huge amount of possibilities when designing future of the home.

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