Digital Image Processing Seminar Report

Introduction to Digital Image Processing Seminar Topic:

Biometrics enables us to obtain the identity of a system by the means of its physical characteristics. The system has identified the human as secured form identification where individuality of the person required.

Features of digital image processing

The image can be represented in two dimensional where the coordinates are called gray levels. When the amplitudes and value of gray level are finite then we call that image as discrete image. Image processing involves discretization, processing and constructive analysis describing the features of the image.

Merits of biometrics

The human body acts as a secured password code. This has reduced the headache of storing complicated passwords.

About biometrics

With the elapsing time the need of the hour where consistency in identification of individuals is reduced, biometrics have an important role in assessing behavior patterns of human beings and thus maintaining a consistency in the identification of individuals. Biometrics has optimized application in public sector, banking, computer networks and other avenues.

Classification of biometrics

It can be classified into physiological based technique and behavioral based technique. The former involves fingerprint, facial and vein analysis. The latter involves hand written signature and speech analysis. The steps involved are authentication and verification. Similarly the setting of tolerance level involves false rejection and false acceptance.


The first step is to capture the biometric. Then the second step is to store the biometric. Thirdly template is stored in local repository.

Accessing the database

The biometric passes through live scanning. Then it is processed and template is extracted. The biometric is matched against existing templates that have been stored. Provision of matching score is also there when the biometric is successfully verified.

In order to improve the identification hashing is used. It is perfect match of particular input record from the large database.

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