Seminar Topics Pattern Matching Using Biometric Techniques

Seminar Topics Pattern Matching Using Biometric Techniques: Today’s century is completely of inventions and discovery that led to the invention of many sophisticated techniques and hence more safeguard is needed. The biometric technology is one of the inventions to achieve more rapid and easily operated authentication with a high range of accuracy.

Pattern matching with the help of biometric techniques in technical terms is an automated technique for measuring a physical trait or personal characteristic of any individual and comparing to a database to recognize any individual.

Biometrics is used in many fields like to identify the user identification and many security problems in today’s trend. A biometric technique is fundamentally a pattern recognition system by determining the authenticity. This makes a personal identification of a particular physiological or behavioral characteristic of a user.

There are many applications of this technique which are fingerprint identification, hand geometry, iris-based identification, facial recognition, retinal pattern recognition, signature recognition, speaker verification etc. Some future applications are ATM machine use, workstation and network access, travel and tourism, internet transactions, telephone transactions, and public identity cards etc.

In today’s technology, biometrics is used to confirm the identity and security methods that depend on character of biology. For instance, handprints, fingerprints, or voice patterns are used to access a computer or a room or an account. Biometrics is used to identify people depending on their biological characters. This rapid growing system has high implications which prove user identity and it has become a major part of our daily routine.


 With in few years, it is very obvious to witness its huge expansion in hardware and software fields which will lead to much vast spectrum. Security is going to be more vital issue and there will absolutely a need to safeguard data from unauthorized users in much efficient methods. Therefore biometrics techniques will surely span the whole information globally.

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