Network Security Honey Traps

Description: The research paper Network Security Honey Traps speaks about a new innovation in the domain of Network Security- honey traps. The research paper suggests that there has been colossal increase in the use of computer, virtual transaction, internet based collaboration and many more things. The research paper also tells that if the world of computers has heightened ease of transaction, or the transactional speed has been heightened like never before there is also a serious increase at par ‘security’ per se. In a threatened security background like this, fortifying the computer forensics becomes an indispensable tool and application to detect and deal with cyber criminals.

In the research paper it is suggested to develop very effective forensic tools to deal with cyber crimes rather than create an evolved technology and later escalate the forensic requirements to the desired levels. Computer forensics is the branch of computer science engineering that specifically deals with techniques for recovery, authentication and analysis of data.

What is meant by Computer Forensics: Computer forensics has two major roles to play. The primary objective of this branch is to catch these cyber criminals and put them through necessary legal procedures and second come up with counter measures to face these types of crimes. Since the day computers have gotten into active role so did these cyber criminals popularly called back hats. As soon as a new computer technology comes into existence a black hat enhance their skill to suit the purpose and trigger a crime. This is a kind of perpetual network and is called Computer and Network Forensics.

Honey traps are a simulation of potentially vulnerable features in a network. These simulations are not the real ones and they trap the black hat in a way that he tries to intrude a false network. This way the actions undertaken by the intruder can be carefully observed in order to update the technology with more advanced security measures.

Conclusion: The research paper ends on a note that although honey traps seem to be an effective solution to deal with cyber crime, there are still many hiccups in the domain that need attention.

Download Network Security Honey Traps Technical Student Paper Presentation PPT.

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