Btech Seminar Report on Holographic Memory

Description: The research paper Btech Seminar Report on Holographic Memory talks about Holographic memory. The research paper suggests that holography is a technique that allows recording and playing back of 3 dimensional images. Unlike other 3 dimensional images a holograph produces parallax. The parallax produces an effect so as to enable the user move the image up and don as if it is there right in front of him. In Holography, the aim is to record complete wave field (both amplitude and phase) as it is intercepted by recording medium the record in plane may not even be an image plane. The scattered or reflected light by object is intercepted by the recording medium and recorded completely in spite of the fact that the detector is insensitive to the phase difference among the various parts of the optical field.

In the holographic technique the difference between the object wave and the reference wave is recorded on a holographic material.  The record catches the whole wave which can be observed at a later time with an appropriate light beam. To this day holography continues to provide the most accurate depiction of 3-D image in the world. IBM and Lucent Bells are involved in a high end research pertaining to generation of accurate 3 D images. Hologram produces an image with reference to size, shape, brightness and contrast of object.

In order to record accurately a hologram requires a light of single color. Hence Laser is considered for recording images over a hologram. When we shine a light on the hologram the information that is stored as an interference pattern takes the incoming light and re-creates the original optical wave front that was reflected off the object hence the eyes and brain now perceives the object as being in front of us once again.

Conclusion: The benefits offered by a hologram are that the entire image can be retrieved at a time. It also facilitates storage of almost terabytes over small cubic devices

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