Seminar Report on Network Security & Cryptography

In universal communication including electronic fraud and eavesdropping hackers and viruses, security is the most important issue which matters most.  The growth of interconnections of computers over internet should store information relying on organizations and individuals with the help of these systems.  This led to much awareness to secure the messages, data, and systems from attacks of network.

The data security includes paramount importance with vast world of computer centric. Even though the security systems give a best protection level, they still are failed to give trust worthy protection that are vulnerable to network attacks. The computer security is the generic name to face hackers and secure the data by tools design.

The firewall has developed practically and can be applied to enforce the security of network. The mechanisms encountered the difficulties with firewalls implementation.

Many technologies are developed to aide organizations to protect information and the systems from the hackers, intruders, and unauthorized users. It secures the systems, information against intruders, detect suspicious attacks etc.

Network security observes and prevents intruders to use computer via the internet. The measures of prevention stop the hackers to over the computer networking system. If any unauthorized user is attempting to break the computer networking system then it can be detected by the detection process.

The security services are confidentiality, authentication, integrity, non-repudiation, access control, availability, and attacks.


Network security protects the assets of network. This project is all about the concept of firewalls, famous networks, security services, security mechanisms, security threats, and cryptography.

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