All About Network Security and Cryptography CSE Student Seminar

Description: The research paper All About Network Security and Cryptography CSE Student Seminar speaks about Network Security and Cryptography. The research paper suggests that network security is of crucial importance in these days of virtual connectivity and online transactions. Almost everything happens online these days, be it transacting money, or sitting through a University class and many many more. When there is such huge flow of information, there is also every need to be worried about the security threat which runs parallel to all the above mentioned things. There are hackers and other cyber criminals that are lurking just round the corner to grab the information and exploit you or the company for their won materialistic benefit. A thing like this could cost heavily both to you and the company, besides devastating your morale to a significant extent.

 What is Cryptography: Cryptography is the art of securing the data by means of encrypting it, i.e. giving it an undecipherable code. Cryptography secures the information from third party access and also gives the user access control. Authentication, authorization are the specific features offered by cryptography. Public key, single key and hash keys are the cryptographic mathematical algorithms that safeguard data from third part influence or attack. A single key as the name suggests uses a single key to encode and decode, a public key uses two keys that serve the purpose, and a hash key irreversibly encrypts the data. Cryptography is a benison to the domain of Computer Science Engineering.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that cryptography is an inevitable and indispensable domain to the domain of network security. Network security will be irreparably jeopardized without the advent of cryptography. Security is a difficult topic to discuss, the security concerns are strong and the concerns could be vulnerable. The paper suggests that awareness of security measures taken to secure information has to be generated around.

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