Network Security and Cryptography Technical Paper

Description: The research paper talks about Network Security and Cryptography. It has been suggested in the research paper that there has been an exponential activity in computer world and so virtual transactions and web-based transactions are on a all time high. Gone are the days of standing in the queues and waiting for your turn to come unending. Things have gone to an extent where in a smart card and simple means of identification will give you access control and authentication to your online account. E-commerce and e-transactions, online purchases and payments have transformed the world like never before.

The research paper Network Security and Cryptography Technical Paper suggests that a coin always has two sides with such ease in transaction activities threat over network security is severely threatened. There could be a hacker whi is quietly peeking into your activity and transaction record and might exploit you in order to be benefited. In a situation like that your morale gets greatly devastated. Cryptography is the science of encrypting your information. The encrypted information can be decrypted only by an authorized user. Cryptography has grown by leaps and bounds lately. Single key cryptographic algorithms, public-key algorithms and the hash keys are the ones popular in the world of cryptography.

A single key has a single code to encrypt and decrypt. Public key has two codes and hash key uses an irreversible algorithm to encrypt a specific data. Cryptography is an indispensable tool wherever security is questioned when data passes through a network having an administrator and a node.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note of quoting the inevitable role played by cryptography by providing network security. The domain is growing incessantly and so is the security threat. If scientists come with ways of securing information, hackers who are geniuses in their own right come up with ways of breaking the security layers and robbing the information.

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