Seminar Report on Network Traffic Management

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Network Traffic Management:

The project named Network Traffic Management presents various issues related to network traffic. A new network management has become necessary for business networks.  All the organizations small, medium or large scale is finding measures to control network traffic for easy flow of resources to perform optimal. Measures include controlling traffic using limited bandwidth for certain applications and minimal bandwidth for others and assigning priorities.

In general network refers to interconnection of computer systems. And these computer systems can be connected using LAN or WAN. In general network traffic represents the density of data at that network. In any network there could be many communication devices waiting for accessing resources and if all the devices try to access the resources at the same time can cause network traffic. This type of exchange of information can be done in form of request, response and control data. Where data is flowed as packets thus we can define network traffic as load on communication devices and system.

The organizations to handle network traffic so that applications get the resources for performing efficiently requires limiting bandwidth to applications and also assigning priorities high or low so that the packets can be routed accordingly without waiting in queue and resulting in network traffic.

In general we measure network traffic to 1.monitor service:  that is ensuring that data is successfully being moved from source to target.2. Network planning: so that we can control resources and ensure no network traffic 3. Cost recovery: In order to maintain costs 4. Research: performed to improve performance of network.

The metrics of traffic depends on packet loss, delay of packets, throughput and availability. we can conclude that network traffic should be given importance for effective performance and steps should be taken by organization to effectively handle the traffic.

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