Cryptography and Information Security Paper Presentation

Description: This Cryptography and Information Security Paper Presentation suggests what Cryptography is and how it provides Information Security. In the paper it is suggested that Cryptography is not the only means of providing information security, but is one of the prominent and effective techniques. One essential aspect for secure communications is that of cryptography, Network security Measures Company to protect computer systems, and its prime concern for every company that uses computers.

 It is suggested in the research paper what compromised network security is. It means that a third person can gain access to the data without much difficulty.  Appropriate network security is something that makes a user go through several security layers. ‘The more layers the system has, the more secure it is’.

 What Cryptography does:

Cryptography is necessary when communicating over any entrusted medium, which includes any network, specifically the Internet. Cryptography plays a major role during the application to application communication. The research paper explains these things.

 Secret Key Cryptography (SKC):

The research explains about SKC. SKC uses just one key for encryption and decryption. The receiver applies the same key (or rule set) to decrypt the message and recover the plaintext. This type of cryptography is also called ‘symmetric encryption’.


The paper concludes on a note saying that the key for building a secure network is to define what security means to an organization. Once that specific aspect has been established defined, everything else that goes on with the network can be evaluated with respect to that policy. Projects and systems can then be simplified into their components, and it becomes much easier to decide whether what is proposed will conflict with your security practices or not.

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