Network Security & Cryptography Presentation


Network security is the concept which can be handled by experts with more experience and well-trained. The availability of wide network is necessary to have the security to secure from intruders and the unauthorized users in an internet world. This project is about the basic information of the computer systems with concepts to tackle with them.

 The computer networks should be provided with the secured network with an understanding of the principles of network security. TCP/IP is the network protocol suite for the intranet and internet.

 The network is the set of interconnected links over interconnection of roads, the internet, or alliance network. The International Standards Organization (ISO) Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Reference Model composes of seven layers and interfaces for communication.

 UNIX TO UNIX COPY (UUCP) is an application which has security tradeoffs.  There are various errors and bugs analyzed, discovered, and fixed over the UUCP network. It works over wide network with UUCP user account and password. Internet is the broadest network built with same protocols.

 There are many attacks possible against IP and IP is not involved with mechanism of robust mechanism for authentication. The packet requests to begin from the given address. TCP is a protocol of transport-layer which is available on the top of a network-layer. The complete Internet protocols suite is called TCP/IP.


It is necessary to make networks and systems in a method of the security system. Hence it is concluded that security is an important issue with the computer system and it is the important part in an interconnected network.

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