.Net Application Projects using ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server

We have implemented Real Time Application projects in asp.net using C# and SQL server 2005 and 2008. Mainly these applications works like Web applications and Windows applications (Desktop applications). Academic Students can easily download and execute these projects on their system using guidelines and how to execute video file provided by us.

Students or users can send us their innovative ideas/requirements to implement in the real time manner.

Services we provide:

  • .Net Application¬†project training (Offline and online).
  • Development of real time projects

.Net Application Projects 

  1. A new color filter array system for image acquisition
  2. A secured image watermarking system for image ownership
  3. A secured key based secret data sharing system in steganography
  4. A user-oriented image retrieval system
  5. Advanced patient management system
  6. Alert based monitoring of stock trading systems
  7. An efficient color image compression using wavelet based technique
  8. An efficient human facial expression recognition system
  9. Application layer blocker for preventing on cyber security
  10. Autonomous network reconfiguration system in WMM
  11. Biometric authentication using eye tracking and finger print authentication
  12. Bug tracking system
  13. Human expertise search engine
  14. Human motion tracking using live web camera
  15. Information leak detection and prevention
  16. Online art gallery
  17. Online budget analysis system
  18. Air port authority of India
  19. Scar global life insurance
  20. Pharmacy management system
  21. Travel desk management
  22. Social ethical aspect of data mining
  23. Multipurpose national RFID
  24. Organization work tracking analysis system
  25. Infrastructure management system
  26. Fuzzy data mining
  27. Expo management system
  28. Digital right management
  29. Citizen management system
  30. Agriculture system
  31. Interpretative key management
  32. Fivatech feature extraction
  33. Yard management system
  34. Sulekha classifieds website management system
  35. Spam filtering using mobile application
  36. Numerous remote system manager
  37. Web enabled estate mgmt system
  38. Human expertise search engine
  39. Online employees communication system
  40. Predicting missing items in shopping carts
  41. Human facial expression recognition
  42. Remote networking service group
  43. Online road transport authority
  44. Online warehouse management system
  45. Online vehicle services
  46. Courier service management system
  47. Web based library management system
  48. Integrated project management and controlling system
  49. Web based hospital management system
  50. Web based cargo manager
  51. Alert based monitoring of stock trading systems
  52. Online visa processing
  53. Spare parts management system
  54. Online e-learning
  55. Gas-agency management system
  56. E-community management system
  57. Bug Tracking system
  58. Premium customer information management
  59. Defect tracking system
  60. Corporate recruitment system(CRS)
  61. Distributed products automation
  62. Online survey manager
  63. TCPIP based process monitoring
  64. Access control system
  65. Enterprise resource information systems
  66. Mining information system
  67. Online trading system
  68. Textile management system
  69. Repository and search engine of a college
  70. Toll gate management system
  71. Voting Software
  72. Warehouse management system
  73. Work flow management system
  74. Steganography In Audio Files
  75. Image Compression and De-compression
  76. Marine Operations And Management System
  77. Multi-Lingual Website
  78. Citizen Card System
  79. Voyage Management
  80. Medical Image Compression
  81. Online Crime file Management
  82. Contract Labor Management System
  83. Data Leakage Detection
  84. Load Shedding In Mobile Systems With Mobiqual
  85. Publishing Search Logs
  86. Issue Tracker
  87. Light-Weight Multi-Document Summarization Based On Two-Pass Re Ranking
  88. Mindtech Bug And Component Systems
  89. Web Enabled Automated Manufacturing System
  90. Enterprise Fleet Management Syste
  91. Effective Audio Video Transfer Using Real Time Protocol
  92. Extended XML Tree Pattern Matching
  93. Multihoming Route Control
  94. VAS for Hand Held Device
  95. Personal Authentication Based On Iris Recognition
  96. Intranet Mailing System
  97. Mobile i Broker
  98. Mobiminder: Location Based Reminder on Mobiles
  99. Mobile Electronic Program Guide
  100. RITAS: Services For Randomized Intrusion Tolerance
  101. Resilient Online Coverage For Surveillance Applications
  102. Improving Utilization Of Infrastructure Clouds
  103. Stealthy Attacks In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  104. MultiAuctioneer Progressive Auction For Dynamic Spectrum Access
  105. Continuous Monitoring Of Distance-Based Range Queries
  106. Natural Image Segmentation Based On Tree Equipartition
  107. Card Management System
  108. Company Information Tracking System
  109. Credit Card Management System
  110. E -Crime File Management System
  111. Company Security Reporting System
  112. Data Delivery Properties of Human Contact Networks
  113. Design and Performance Analysis of Mobility Management
  114. Dynamic Conflict-Free Transmission Scheduling for Sensor Network Queries
  115. Efficient Location Training Protocols for Heterogeneous Sensor and Actor Networks
  116. Enabling Public Verifiability and Data Dynamics For Storage Security in Cloud Computing
  117. Ensuring Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
  118. Fast Detection Of Mobile Replica Node Attacks
  119. Implementation and Validating Environmental and Health
  120. Inter Bank Fund Transfer in Distributed Network
  121. A Fault-Tolerant Token Based Atomic Broadcast Algorithm
  122. Real-Time Detection Of Clone Attacks
  123. Mobility Management Approaches for Mobile IP Networks
  124. Modeling and Detection of Camouflaging Worm
  125. Multiple Routing Configurations for Fast IP Network Recovery
  126. Noise Reduction By Fuzzy Image Filtering
  127. Nymble: Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks
  128. Optimal Jamming Attacks and Network Defense Policies in Wireless Sensor Network
  129. Ranking Spatial Data by Quality Preferences
  130. Remote PC Administration Using J2ME
  131. Script Identification Through Temporal Sequence Of The Strokes
  132. SPAF: Stateless FSA-based Packet Filters
  133. Staying Connected in a Mobile Healthcare System
  134. Twitter Client For Android Based Smart Phone
  135. Virtual Router Using Destination-Sequenced Distance Vector
  136. IT Project and Process Management
  137. Minimum Bandwidth Reservations For Periodic Streams In Wireless Real Time Systems
  138. Mobile Sampling of Sensor Field Data
  139. Effectiveness of Monitoring for Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  140. Online Real Estate Property Management
  141. Online Recruitment System
  142. Online Rental House Web Portal
  143. Optimal Channel Access Management with QoS Support for Cognitive Vehicular Networks
  144. Automation Of Analysis And Development Management
  145. Secret Key Establishment Using Temporally and Spatially Correlated Wireless Channel Coefficient
  146. SMS Based Mobile Banking with Security
  147. Adaptive Location-Oriented Content Delivery In Delay-Sensitive Pervasive Applications
  148. Control Theoretic Approach to Distributed Optimal Configuration of 802.11 WLANs
  149. Autonomous Deployment Of Heterogeneous Mobile Sensors
  150. Cooperative Clustering Protocol For Energy Saving Of Mobile Devices
  151. Mobility Management Schemes Based On Pointer Forwarding For Wireless Mesh Networks
  152. Effective Scheduling In Infrastructure-Based Cognitive Radio Networks
  153. Cross-Layer Optimization For Multimedia Transport Over Multicode CDMA Networks
  154. Efficient Location Training Protocols For Heterogeneous Sensor And Actor Networks
  155. Dynamic Time Slot Partitioning For Multimedia Transmission In Two-Hop Cellular Networks

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  1. Sir i want online cinema ticket reservation project for one city and front end vb.net , backend sql.please sir sent the project my mail id.

  2. Hello Sir, I want full project of the Company Information Tracking System(CITS) in .net.
    Platform in ASP.NET, Web Development Tools in html & visual studio,Programming Languages in C# and Back-end in SQL Server 2012

  3. i want full source code and database of 1PD5-online shopping cart, 1PD30-shopping cart, 1PD92-online shoppig cart system.
    please send me ASAP………..

  4. Sir i want “E-learning resource locator” project for vb.net , backend sql.please sir sent the project my mail id.

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