SAP BW Real Time Projects and Scenarios

BW101 – SAP BW Starter Kit

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What should you expect to learn?

Introduction to DATA

  • Understanding data from an IT perspective
  • BIG DATA – a small discussion

Data storage and retrieval basics in IT systems

  • Data Storage: Files to Tables
  • Tables > Fields & Tuples > Datatypes
  • Building Relationships with data(table joins)
  • The ER model


  • OLTP system basics
  • OLAP system basics
  • OLTP Vs OLAP (differences and complications)

Introduction to Data-Warehousing

  • Datawarehousing techniques and methodologies (a discussion)
  • Datawarehousing Concepts

The STAR Schema
Snowflake Schema
The Extended STAR schema

Introduction to SAP Business Warehouse

  • Landscape & Architecture
  • Dismantling the Warehouse – Top down approach

Building the SAP Business Warehouse

  • Building Blocks of SAP BW

InfoAreas / InfoObjects / DataSources / PSA / DSOs / InfoCubes / Transformations

  • Defining your Business Warehouse

Business definition / Identification of Business Data / Defining Business Reports

  • Start Building – Discuss Why / Where / When / How for each of the items below

Create InfoArea

Create InfoObectCatalogs

Create InfoObjects

Create Datasources(flat file)

Create DSO(s)

Create Cube(s)

Transformations to the InfoProviders

Load Master and Transaction Data from Flat files

New: Surrogate IDs and Dimension IDs – A discussion

New:Attribute Change Run

                                New: Implement Delta mechanism (flat-file to DSO to Cube)

New: Create a simple Bex report based on the InfoProviders created so far

Explore and Experiment, then Discuss the Building Blocks

  • Explore types, options, settingsand usage scenarios









SAP Modules and their interaction

  • Source Systems
  • Datasources in the context of source systems
  • SAP ECC and ERP an important discussion
  • Understanding SAP FI and SD from a BW reporting perspective
  •  Familiarize yourself with FI & SD tables and Datasources

SAP Business Content

  • Identify Business Content Objects for FI & SD
  • Identify Datasources delivered by SAP for FI & SD
  • Discuss the Business Content objects discovered
  • Install Standard objects and activate them

Filling your Data Warehouse with SAP Business Data

  • Extract FI data using Standard Extraction

Master Data Extraction

Transaction Data extraction

  •  Extract SD data using LOS Extraction

                                Understanding LOS extraction benefits and necessities

LO Cockpit Overview

Data Extraction Full Load and Delta mechanisms

  • A note and an exercise on Generic Extraction

Maintaining your SAP Business Warehouse

  • Administering the InfoCubes
  • Administering the DSOs
  • PSA Maintenance
  • Automation: Creating and Monitoring the Process Chains

Explore SAP BW Data

  • BEx Query Designer
  • Query Design Elements (RKFs, CKFs, Variables, Conditions, Exceptions etc)
  • RRI

Web Application Designer

  •                 BEx Analyzer
  •                 Query Monitor (RSRT)
  •                 Build a Complex Report with ageing, variables, RKFs and CKFs etc

Performance Optimization

  • Understanding Performance Top-Down and Bottom-Up
  • Investigating Performance – The Approach
  • Load Performance Optimization

Building it right
Re-building it if required

  • Query Performance Optimization

BW Aggregates
BW Indexes
Your Eyes and Ears – BI Statistics
BI Accelerator (meet its Big brother SAP HANA)

  • Advanced Data Warehousing(Discussion and Debate on usage and pros and cons)

                Study of Internal Structures and their workings

                                Cubes and Dimensions (SIDs, DIMIDs)

                                DSO mechanics (Delta Management with Active, Change-log tables)

                                InfoSets& Virtual Providers

                                Time Dependent Master Data Management

                                Extracting Hierarchies for ECC Sets (GS01, GS02, GS03 etc)

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