Nano Technology Basics to Latest Advancements


Nanotechnology is manipulated nanoscale. The nanometer is a measurement of tiny length of one billionth meter consisting of three or four atoms in a row. Hence, nanotechnology consists of materials of building and designing devices. Therefore the technology implies devices and materials where atom is assigned with the device functions.

Depending on machines of molecules, machines perform the function of the design. These molecular machines can make machines for other products and molecules where structure of atom is arranged precisely to make the particular product.

These machines can assemble atoms into complex structures known as assemblers which can make or design anything compatible with physics laws.

The variety of products can be made from very powerful and microscopic computers to highly strong materials stronger than steel but as light as food or any tissue of biology.

These products are not costly since atoms are taken from dirt, garbage, sunshine energy etc. The true nanotechnologists are evolution and nature of mother.


Nanoscale technology is in the stages of budding which sure to have a bright future and may be a dream for today. The technology will define precisely a new method of life including devices and gadgets making impossible things to be possible. Many countries which are developed spend lot of money in the nanotechnology research field. The technology will increase achievements to the present situation of world. It especially concerns with people’s health who are working under nanoscale. It is a challenge in the research for constructing tools work at dimensions of NANO.

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