CSE Seminar Reports Bluetooth Technology

The research paper CSE Seminar Reports Bluetooth Technology talks about the Bluetooth Technology. It goes about explaining the working aspects of Bluetooth. The paper elucidates advantages of the technology, security concerns and finally the possible developments in the technology in future. The paper says that Bluetooth is an open specification for short-range wireless communication and networking mainly intended to be a cable replacement between portable and/or fixed electronic devices.

What is Piconet: The paper explains what Piconet is. It suggests that when two Bluetooth enabled devices come within range of one another, one of them assumes the role of master of the communication and the other becomes the slave. The Master device establishes synchronization among all slave devices by using its clock and hopping sequence. This simple “one hop” network is called as piconet. There is no limit on the maximum number of slaves connected to one master. Many graphical representations of the various steps and procedures involved in Bluetooth information transfer are illustrated in the research paper.


The research paper concludes on a note that the Bluetooth standard enables the formation of scatternets, with which mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) may be established. The paper presents two protocols to solve the problem of scatternet formation. The first protocol organizes the Bluetooth nodes into a rooted tree, the bluetree, in which each node participates at most two piconets, reducing piconet switching overhead. A prominent solution also considers the problem of limiting the number of slaves that each master has to control.  The paper presents a second protocol with a more distributed behavior. Using simulation has demonstrated that in a large population of nodes the speed of the formation procedure outperforms that of the first one. In the second solution the piconet switching overhead is still well contained, since each node is allowed to assume at most three roles.

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