Nano Technology and Photonics Communication

Description: The research paper Nano Technology and Photonics Communication speaks about Nano Technology and Photonics Communication. Nano technology is the branch of computer science engineering that aims at miniaturization of gadgets. Nano technology believes in realigning atomics structure as to bring in maximum benefits and increase the efficiency levels of a gadget. This technology is immensely used in medicine, communication and automobile industry. Nanotechnology ropes in desired effect without spoiling or damaging the surrounding environment or tissue. Nanotechnology can also help immensely in rescue operations.

 It has been suggested in the research paper that the domain of Tele communications utilizes some of the various forms of light (radio waves or micro waves, for example) to throw information from one spot on the earth to another. With the billions of information flying over our heads every split second or passing below us in an optical cable, the whole world seems to be full of our thoughts. So full, in fact, that it takes a monstrous network of electric devices, cables and computers to keep it all sorted.

 And sorting takes time. Even with the best electronics today sorting digital signals is not instantaneous, and every device, cable, or computer slows down the flow, even as it’s doing its appointed task of straightening all the signals out. The one that does all the work without taking any time at all is the perfect device. An all-optical router that could route the information without converting it from light to electricity is said to be the perfect device. The perfect device can be constructed using Nano technology in Photonics. Aiming a mirror at the nano scale requires precise control of tiny electro mechanical devices. Pushing or pulling on a mirror adjust the angle at which light bounces off, even small changes in angle can lead to big differences in the final destination of beam of light.

 Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that Photonics and nanotechnology together are geared to change the face of the world.

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