Nanotechnology Shaping the Future

Nanotechnology defines manufacture and manipulation of smaller devices or machines. The new technology is much easily predicted. Technology will result to compute computers faster, materials stronger, and medicine to cure diseases. The technology functions at the scale of atoms and molecules that will bring great improvements in the human fields. Few promises of this technology are supercomputer much like human cell, spacecraft cheaper like a family car.

Nanotechnology will be the basis of $1 trillion products in the United States within few decades and will have jobs from 8, 00,000 to 2 million. It will bring a revolutionary impact in medicine field. Many processes of medical happen at smaller scales. Nano-particles have advantages of image enhancement delivery, and sensing agents. Many nano-particles include dendrimers, metal nano-particles, polymeric nano particles, micelles, liposomes, and quantum dots.

Nanotechnology is the study of fabrication whereas nano-science is about the effects. It builds machines at the level of molecules. Molecular machines are able to pass by your blood stream. The scientists and socially concerned people imagine scenarios. The technology manufactures circuits of electronic and mechanical devices at the molecular scale. Scientists create structures and materials atom by atom at the molecular level with modern characteristics and functions. Its scope affects many fields from bio-sciences to medicine and physics to DNA manipulation.


The technology is the application of scientific knowledge and science commercially or industrially at the nano-scale. The nano-scale is the measurement with smallest unit with which matter are manipulated. There are many new benefits promised by this technology.

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