Latest CSE Seminar Topic on Sky X Technology

Introduction to  Seminar Topic on Sky X Technology:

For providing  the service of private network access and internet over a long distance as well as to remote areas satellites are the best option. Currently the throughput over the use of satellite networks is restricted only to a fraction of bandwidth that is available. For satellite conditions internet protocol is not optimized. With the use of sky XX protocol this restriction can be easily overcome.s The server system of Sky X gateway and Sky X clients can replace the TCP link of over satellite with the optimized protocol for the latency asymmetric conditions of bandwidth high loss and other factors of the typical communication of the satellite.

Adding the system of Sky X to the network of satellites that allows the clients to take the advantages of the bandwidth that is available. The gateway moreover makes the increase the performance of the clients without any kind of modifications on the part of the server of clients on the satellite network.

The server for Sky X and the client Sky X can enhance the working ability through high speed of data transmission with the help of the satellites directly at the user’s end. It also helps in increasing the performance of the web almost 3 times and even more it also enhances  the speed of file transfer by 10 to 100 times. This system does not need any sort of changes on the users end or servers. The products of Sky X are known as protocol gatewayTCP performance enhancing proxy or TCP in short.

It is also known as satellite spoofer and are available always for installation of hardware solutions. This can be added to any kind of the satellite network. Plus the family of Sky X includes the gateway. Client, server and the OEM products. The gateway is a perfect solution for all hardware’s.


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