Nano Technology Miniaturization Technology

Description: The research paper Nano Technology Miniaturization Technology describes what nano technology is. It is suggested in the research paper that nano technology is miniaturization technique. It is aligning the atoms in the most effective way in a very limited place. Extraordinary devices will thus be created using the techniques of nano technology. The research tube talks about carbon tubes and nano transistors which are indispensable ingredients to the field. Nanotechnology broadly refers to the manipulation of matter on the atomic and molecular scales i.e. where the objects of interest are 0.1-100 nanometer n size. Atomic diameters represent the lower end of this range at tenths of nanometers.

Man has created wonders by changing the molecular structure in material synthesis. Molecules could be aligned in such a way as to produce desired result in the areas of strength, ductility, reactivity, conductivity and capacity. This idea facilitates creating devices that would occupy an unimaginably small space. The nano technology operations theater in vogue today are still in their incipient stage and have the capacity to scale up magnificently.

The research paper talks about two concepts involved in nano technology.

  1. Positional Assembly
  2. Self-replication

This involves getting the atom to the right place, make all the laws of physics and chemistry applicable to extract efficiency, and have manufacturing costs in place and see to it that it does not exceed the cost of raw materials and other things.

Achievements of Nano technology:

Nano technology is used in the spheres of probe microscopy in the form of —the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and the atomic force microscope (AFM). Drexler has proposed the Assembler, a nanosize mechanical machine, which could manipulate atoms precisely. These machines could be told to build anything. To control these miniature run-abouts, Drexler has designed the nanocomputer.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note that nano technology can do wonders in the fields of computer science engineering, although the domain is still in embryonic stage as of now.

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