Nano technology Nano Tubes Nanorings Download CSE Seminar Reports

Description: The research paper Nano technology Nano Tubes Nanorings Download CSE Seminar Reports talks about Nano Technology and the development in the domain in the recent years. Nano technology believes in aligning the atoms as per requirement so as to yield maximum benefits from it. 

Nanotechnology aims at super efficient control of systems. Fr example nano technology predicts a future where in an earthquake struck home can realign itself almost automatically. Nanotechnology aims at the development of miniature devices which help significantly in the smooth functioning of life. 

The benefits of nano technology can be applied to the smooth functioning of vehicles in aligning the atoms in such a way as to secure the vehicle against any damage.

Nano machines can also be useful to clean the atmosphere of toxic carbon components. Viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells could be precisely identified and removed, without disturbing healthy tissue. Damage from injuries or from normal aging could be completely healed by supplying the right molecules at the right place and time to tell the body which new cells are needed where, or molecular damage to cells could be repaired, molecule by molecule. 

Eventually peopat the be able to communicate with these machines in their bodies by thought, and not only be able to stay young and healthy, but to modify their bodies and augment their natural functions at will.

Preliminary studies have shown that the nanorings’ magnetic states can be switched by applying a magnetic field, which could be used to switch a nanoring “bit” back and forth between 1 and 0.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note suggesting that although Nano technology is in its incipient stage there is a huge research going on in the domain. Nano technology with its gadgets promises the impossible.

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