Nano Technology and Prototyping Mechanical Seminars

This Nano Technology and Prototyping Mechanical Seminars provides a brief overview of the problems and benefits created by Nanotechnology, and substantiates the claim that a variety of ethical systems will be necessary to deal appropriately with the range of issues raised by nanotech.

Any organization has an explicit or implicit code of ethics: rules that its members are expected to follow. There are at least three ethical systems that are commonly used to administer different types of resources. Resources that can be traded to mutual benefit are best administered with Commercial ethics, which include honesty and efficiency. Things that can be freely duplicated, producing unlimited benefit, are best handled with Information ethics, which maximize the accessibility and utility of such resources.

Nanotechnology presents a wide range of problems and opportunities by making most existing products quite a bit more powerful and flexible.It promises to bring about abundance and rapid improvement of technology at low cost and high convenience.


Hence, the project throws light on  the power of Nanotechnology as a technology, then surveys the risks, commercial opportunities, and abundance that may be created by nanotech and also the need for the deliberate development of collaboration between diverse organizations with radically different ethics.

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